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Welcome to Shrewsbury Choral Society

We hope this page gives you the essential information you need as a member of the Society.


Rehearsals usually take place at Priory School every Monday evening from 7.15 to 9.15pm.

There are times when Priory is not available; the details of those occasions are listed on the rehearsal schedule given out at the start of each term and displayed on the website.

There is a refreshment break at about 8.15pm. Volunteers take it in turns to serve refreshments so if you would like to help please let us know.

We also rehearse on the afternoon of the concert at the venue.

We have a short break from rehearsals over Christmas and Easter and a long summer break during July and August.

Membership fees

Your membership fee is due at the start of the autumn term. Please give your cheque to the Treasurer, Vanessa Brodie. The membership rate is set at the AGM each autumn.

Music scores

At the start of each term you will be given a coloured folder containing your music. Please bring this to each rehearsal.

If you have your own copy of the score please let the Librarian, Gill Barrow, know. Similarly if you wish to purchase copies please talk to Gill to ensure you buy the right editions. All music is provided with the exception of the Christmas concert when each year we use carol books. Please ask Gill for information about which book to buy.


It is recommended that you attend as many rehearsals as possible in order to be able to perform in the concert. Please remember to tick your name on the register at each rehearsal and also tick to let us know you are available on the concert day.

If you are going away for period of time, or if you are unwell please let your Voice Rep or the Membership Secretary, Veronica White, know.

If you know you are unable to sing in the concert please make sure you return your music at the last rehearsal you attend. If your absence was not planned please contact your Voice Rep or the Librarian as soon as possible to ensure your music is returned prior to or as soon after the concert as possible.


Dress code for concerts is generally the following:

Ladies – long black skirts or trousers with long sleeved black blouses, Men – dark suits, white shirts and black bow ties.

Occasionally the ladies will wear flowers and the men will wear black shirts and red bow ties.

Black folders are provided at each concert to contain the music while performing.

At the end of the concert please return these and also replace your music scores in your coloured folder and leave in one the boxes provided for collection.

I have a question, who do I ask?

The Membership Secretary is always available for help at each rehearsal and your Voice Rep is also someone you can go to for information or advice. Their contact details and those of other committee members are displayed on the notice board and a contact card is issued to members each year with essential contacts listed. If you are unsure who to contact, there is a society email address,, or you can use the contact page on the website.

Website and email alerts

Information relevant to members is added frequently and if arrangements are changed at the last minute news is posted on the website as soon as possible. Some information added to the website is for members only. A password is set for these website posts. This is advised to new members and displayed on the notice board.

Email newsletters are sent out from time to time. To receive this please ensure the Membership Secretary has your email address.

How you can help your choir

There are lots of ways to help the choir. We are always looking for volunteers to help with refreshments at rehearsals, to help setting up and taking down on the day of the concert and to join the committee.

All choir members are asked to sell tickets for the concerts.

"He who sings scares away his woes"