Ms. Shreve




  • Monday: P.E.
  • Tuesday: P.E.
  • Wednesday: Library/Tech
  • Thursday: Art
  • Friday:
    • Q1: P.E.
    • Q2: P.E.
    • Q3: Library/Tech
    • Q4: Art

World Languages

  • Monday mornings
  • Thursday and Friday afternoons



Practicing how to reread a text and understanding the importance of rereading.


Learning how to make our single-page stories into books and scrolls. Meeting our new writing partners.


Counting, writing and comparing numbers 0-5. Learning new math centers.


Investigating the questions: How do scientists stay safe? How can Team 110 stay safe when we're doing science experiments?


Learning about the letters /n/, /c/, and /k/.

Song of the Month:

We all Sing With the Same Voice by Lisa Monet


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Volunteering means: chaperoning a field trip or helping at a class party.

Social-Emotional Focus of the Month: "Gratitude and Thankfulness"

This year LaSalle II will be focusing on a different social-emotional learning theme each month. All students will learn about this theme in their classes, and we would love for parents to be involved as well! Keep in touch with our monthly social-emotional learning themes by reading the Falcon Flier.

Accountability Plan

  1. We are using “Goal Setting” aligned with the CCSS for kindergarten. Students and parents are provided with the expectations for the end of each quarter.
  2. We will be doing “Self Evaluations” on the back of each progress report for students to assess their social/emotional behaviors.
  3. We will be doing “Student-Led Conferences” at the end of first and third quarters. Students will showcase their learning to their parents during this time.

Kindergarten Report Cards

The goal for every student is to achieve a “Proficient” or higher for all standards by the end of the school year. The report card is designed to provide you specific information about your child’s growth and progress in Language Arts, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science.

4 – Exemplary

Student exceeds expectations for this reporting period. Student consistently demonstrates knowledge/skills in this area far beyond what is expected for this reporting period.

3 - Proficient

Student consistently demonstrates the expected knowledge/skills in this area for this reporting period. Student may occasionally demonstrate knowledge/skills beyond what is expected.

2 - Developing

Student partially meets expectations for this reporting period with teacher support.

1 - Beginning

Student does not meet expectations for this reporting period · Student does not yet demonstrate the expected knowledge/skills in this area.

N/A - Not Assessed

Area was not assessed in this reporting period.

"Play is the highest form of research."

--Albert Einstein