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Not a lot of you may know this, but I think this is important. Graduate school's really want you to check out their campus. Like, they really want you to (especially underrepresented minorities). I have been looking at graduate schools over the past year, and it is insane how many schools actually pay for your hotel, meals, and flights, just so they can have you on their campus. They're typically called Graduate School Visitation Days. They're essentially all expense paid trips so you can get a firsthand experience about what graduate school is like at their university, and why you should come. The amount of opportunity out there is insane, and I wanted to take the time to make it more accessible to you.

The link below is a spreadsheet (still in progress) of different universities who offer all expense paid trips to their campus for students interested in their graduate programs. Some have deadlines that are very soon, others are not til March. I urge you, please check this out. Even if you are just a 1st year, just look at it. Be aware of the opportunity available, because we as URMs often enough do not know of the opportunities for us out there. If y'all have questions about any of these, how to apply, or how to gear your application so that you are more likely be selected for these visitation programs, please feel free to reach out to me.

Gabriel Gutierrez Co-Academic Chair 2019-2020

Graduate School Visitation Days

Graduate Engineering Schools will sometimes come to UCSD to talk more about their graduate programs and what they have to offer. Look at the opportunities below to see which graduate schools are coming when and check out more info about their school.

Graduate School Info Sessions at UCSD

Fellowship Opportunities

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If you know of an opportunity for grad school - whether it be a visitation day, campus visit, scholarship/fellowship - and would like to share it with our members let us know! To share, just click the button below and fill out the google form. We thank you in advance.