How to activate SHOWTIME Anytime on my streaming device,like Smart TV or Oculus device?

To activate SHOWTIME Anytime on your streaming device or Smart TV you need a SHOWTIME membership from a TV provider,with a high-speed internet connection.

To activate SHOWTIME Anytime follow 6th easy steps.

Steps1. download the SHOWTIME Anytime app on your Smart TV or Streaming Device.

Steps2. Select Play or Activate from the settings menu.

Steps3. Now you will see the code displayed on your TV screen,Visit to in a web browser on your computer and login to the SHOWTIME Anytime app downloaded and go to Menu or Settings Activate Devices.

Steps4. Enter the code on the device that you want to activate and click Submit button.

Steps5. If you’re not logged in,then you have to login your“username” and “password” of your streaming service provider.

Steps6. A success message will show on the screen and you can start using SHOWTIME Anytime.

Note: If no TV or digital broadcasting service provider is listed, either SHOWTIME Anytime is not currently supported by your subscription, or SHOWTIME Anytime is not currently available on your device. if your TV supplier doesn't support validation through this device, you will be prompted with a message. Free with your Showtime ....

that you are having issues signing in to SHOWTIME Anytime, or some other username or password issues, if it's not too much trouble, contact your TV or digital broadcasting service provider for help.