Maintenance Log

Online forms to allow your staff or customers to record maintenance issues for your properties, sites, vehicles etc.

Case Study


A luxury property rental company had over 100 properties manage in multiple countries. Directors needed to ensure staff could raise any issues regarding property maintenance so maintenance staff could resolve issues as soon as possible.


We deployed an online forms to enable property staff to log maintenance issues.


  • Easy for staff to raise issues.
  • Easy for maintenance staff managers to see what checks have or have not been completed.
  • Managers & maintenance staff alerted to issues.
  • Managers & maintenance staff can track and log the status of issues.
  • Automatic outstanding maintenance reports generated for managers.
Multiple Devices

Customers or staff log issues using smart device.

Cloud Storage

Data securely captured in the cloud.

Notifications & Alerts

Notifications & alerts sent to relevant staff.

Issue Log

Staff & managers track issues.


    • Property Maintenance Logs
    • Site Maintenance Logs
    • Vehicle Maintenance Logs


    • Quick & simple to deploy
    • Easy for staff or customers to complete
    • Ensure the right staff get the logs
    • Record of all outstanding maintenance issues