ShotDriver documentation

& support

The ShotDriver system is a group of applications which broadcast and receive shot list information for multi-camera video production. Eliminate paper shot lists, and deliver scripted shot descriptions and live tally data to camera operators instantly across a local network.

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Documentation table of contents

1. Introduction & Network setup

    • Overview
    • Network requirements
    • Using a backup computer

2. Data Entry & Printing

    • Data entry options: creating a shot list
    • ShotDriver system messages
    • Printing a shot list

3. Rehearsal & Performance

    • Automatic switcher advance
    • Keeping the shot list in sync when live action deviates from the script

4. Switcher connection & timecode

    • Bringing analog tally GPIs into ShotDriver
    • Timecode
    • Router control data
    • Camera Operators' names

5. EDLs

    • Recording shot timing
    • Exporting an EDL

6. Telnet communication