South Devon Producers & Suppliers.

Supporting the local community.

We have created this site so that customers can find the information that they need in one place during these challenging times. It will provide information about local suppliers and producers, their location, how they are operating, and any delivery options. The information has been purposely laid out in a simple format so that it can be printed and distributed to those without computer access.

This site has been created to support local businesses and communities. If your business is not listed or you know of a supplier we have not mentioned please contact us at . We will be updating the list on a constant basis so keep visiting for more information. This is a free service provided by Barnaby's Brewhouse Ltd.

Information we require for listings:

  • Name of business

  • Location

  • Contact details

  • Type of produce (meat / veg / dairy / drinks etc)

  • Type of service (shop only / email or call and collect / local delivery)

Please share this information so we can gather information quickly!

To view type ‘’ into the address bar at the top of your browser. Google search hasn’t caught up yet as this is a new site. please download and print our poster and place it your window:

Many thanks - stay safe.


Please make a list of what you require before you contact the suppliers to avoid confusion and make things easier for everyone.

Facebook: @shopsouthdevon