Ship Your Valuables Without Damaging Them

Any individual or company that ships goods from one place to another tries to have absolute trust that their items will make it safely. So often do we hear of multiple costs of damage from shipment via trucks or boats that didn’t pack properly or drove in such a way to cause problems. The business of transport has been vitally important since the days of moving goods with animals. It is still a priority in how we receive products from coast to coast.

While transporting goods safely is a must, properly handling them is one of the first ways to ensure it arrive to its destination safely. The packaging must be done in a way to withstand any type of storage and the dynamics of force it may be under while en route. The strength of the material should be tight and possibly labeled “handle with care” or something similar so the packer can lower the chances of the goods being damaged. Even if every avenue is taken for safe arrival of your package, once it gets to you it may incur some damage. For example, if it gets to a warehouse for processing someone is still handling your items. If it happens to be in a shipping container, various temperatures from where it came from could affect your package. Other items it is surrounded by could have an impact on your package as well.

There are so many materials available to ship your items around the world. Boxes are what we commonly see but if you get one that is too small or too big it could cost you in the long run for the safety of your items. It is ideal to get one that is slightly bigger so that the products inside will have some room for cushion. If there are multiple packages, place the smaller ones inside the bigger one. To help fill empty spaces, use tissue paper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts. These work wonders for keeping the weight down for costs and protecting everything that’s inside. You can also send smaller items in a protected envelope. Some come bubbled already and others are flat but allow you to place things inside for cushion. Very fragile items should be wrapped in such a way that it will not move regardless of the temperatures or the handling it will experience. Using the original package is suggested but if that doesn’t work, plastic bags and cushioned item will work best. Secure with shipping tape and send it on it’s way.

It is amazing that over 10 billion items are shipped worldwide each year but about 1% are damaged. A perfect world would have no damage but it would be totally impossible to avoid. Insurance is offered with most shipping companies in case there is damage to your package. We all want to trust that nothing will happen to our packages but trusting that the company will do their best to package it properly to prevent any problems can be nerve wrecking! When the task is in your hands, do what it takes to follow steps to get the products to its destination without any damage if you can.