We sell agriculture as a Service

Agriculture of the future, right now. 

For us, agriculture and mushroom production are a vehicle for generating healthy and sustainable food with zero waste, growing the economy, and local employment.

Our secret formula: 

Circularity     Community       Science  

Our Services

Smart Coffee Shop

A VW Kombi 2009-2013 (BR version) or a VW Transporter / Vito 2001 - 2005

 2 Shimejito© espresso machines, 32" TV, JBL® sound system, Mushspresso© Livery 2023 ed, Projector, iPad®, Collaborative store showcase, Samsung Galaxy S21, Lenovo laptop, 2 tables with two chairs, Voltage inverter, Installation, Training, Shimenauta Commission, Shimenauta License.

Soft Landing

Professional Relocation Service

Work against climate change, in Europe. 

The Soft Landing program prepare yourself for the next step in your career, You will get formation to be able to move to work in Europe, make an internship at Shimejito. learn how to open and run your ESG business or either work with our partners.


For investors

Impact your local community by opening a Shimejito Hub, a multi-purpose shop and authorized seller of Shimejito’s products. 

Shimejito hub is more than a café and more than a minimarket, it is a meeting point for like-minded people.


Shimejito's way:

Our Products

Mushroom Generators

75g of our powerfull mycellium will create up to 0.9v.
Discover electricity, turn on LED lights, create your mushroom powered systems by yourself. It's Open Source and It's only 5,99 each.

Mushroom powder

Our shitake powder is the easiest way to benefit from mushroom natural properties. You can add it on any meal or beverage, boosting your day and your general immune system. 

Mushroom snacks

Rich in proteins and fiber, our mushroom snacks are made with three kinds of mushrooms.
Without gluten, lactose or added suggars, Shimejitos are the perfect snack in between hours. 

Aditivo Viriato 

Our mycelium-based soil additives naturally boost the root system of your plants, as it promotes efficiency in nutrient absorption and offers a natural crop protection. The best substrate your plants will ever need. 

Join our international community

At Shimejito we prioritize social and environmental sustainability, and we believe in cooperation as a way to create impact and achieve more responsible and caring behaviors. Being part of our community as a Shimenauta and by sharing our values you will contribute to a movement that promotes change for the better. Together we can make the difference.

Get to know us better! 

What is Shimejito?

Shimejito is a transformational movement that aims to empower communities to become sustainable and independent from the current system through agricultural technologies for mushroom production, assisting with the visa demand, business implementation, educating, providing income, and enabling anyone to contribute to the infrastructures of the future. 

An international brand

We are an ecosystem present in Portugal, Brasil, Spain and the UK, where nowadays we have over 2000 Shimenautas, 8 farmers, 4 Innovation Hubs, research centers at universities in southern Europe and Brazil. 

What do we do?

We possess and develop innovative technology for the production and sale of mushrooms.

What is unique about Shimejito’s technology?

Our technology is revolutionary on two grounds: 

What can Shimejito do for me?

If you got here because you believe that mushrooms are the future, and you are considering having your own activity around fungi, then you are in the right place. We know how to get you started in a great way: Profitable, Green, and Community-friendly.

We will get you to enter the mushroom business ☺

How can Shimejito make me a Mushroom Business-person?

We have a full system in place, from marketing to sales, and from substrate production to mushroom farming.

We offer you two ways to enter the mushroom business:

How do we innovate?

We already took care of our reliable partners and buyers offering a business with full support from the start, in managing and taking care of the externalities.

Is it hard to manage a mushroom biofactory or a farm?

Managing a biofactory or a farm can be a challenge but we will do it for you, or with you. With us, you can decide whether we manage your business and send you money every month, or you can learn how to handle this business.

But there is more of it! We connect all dots in the production of mushrooms. We equip you with a method that takes care of your marketing and guarantees you to reach the final consumer, allowing you to focus just on the production.