Secure and Trustworthy Intelligent Systems Lab

Welcome to Dr. Shahid's SHIELD Lab @ SIUC

How can we harness AI-driven solutions for enhanced security while ensuring they remain secure, trustworthy, and privacy-preserving?

Welcome to the cybersecurity research group at the School of Computing of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. We are a dedicated lab led by Dr. Abdur Rahman Bin Shahid, focused on pushing the boundaries of innovation in security and trustworthy AI-driven solutions for privacy-enhanced Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). 

Our research spans a diverse array of innovative topics including AI, the metaverse, robotics, federated learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile technologies, digital health, interdependent networks, and smart homes.

We leverage AI and cutting-edge technologies not only to advance the functionality and efficiency of CPS but also to fortify their security frameworks. Our projects aim to develop robust, privacy-enhanced environments that allow for safe and confident interaction with intelligent systems.

Through interdisciplinary collaborations with renowned experts, industry leaders, and academic partners, we cultivate a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and scholarly exchange. Our ultimate goal is to drive meaningful advancements that redefine the future of CPS, ensuring they are both powerful and protective in our increasingly digital world.


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Secure and Trustworthy Intelligent Systems (SHIELD) Lab

SIU School of Computing 

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