Planning Matters

Calderdale Council's Local Plan

At a full Council meeting on 21st June 2018, the Draft Local Plan was approved for publication and therefore began the process for passing the published local plan to the Secretary of State for an Examination in Public. Consultation on the Published Local Plan will begin on August 10 and run for 6 weeks. There will be substantial housing growth in the Northowram and Shelf Ward, and as yet, is not clear what infrastructure consequences will be for the area.

A local community group [Shelf & Northowram Local Plan Forum] are fighting to retain as much greenbelt as possible and will be attending the Examination in Public - due sometime in 2019

Shibden Valley's Special Landscape Area

A nice shot of the valley from many years ago

Map of the Shibden Valley as seen in the Local Plan

Latest Planning information

Cllr. Stephen Baines has kindly brought to our attention the Council's wish to dispose of the car park, the garages and a parcel of sloping land, all west of Staups Lane.

We are considering entering into a long lease with the Council - maybe a Community Asset Transfer for some or all of these sites so that they can be retained for the benefit of local residents and visitors to the Valley. We still need to do further work on the finances, risks and local consultation.

Another positive is that the Council has applied a condition, as we had requested, to the approval for the new storage building on the Leo Group site, limiting its use to pallet storage, and requiring a new planning application if a different use were sought in the future.

Among the other routine planning issues, we have objected to are;-

  • The proposal to build 22 houses on land north of Heywood URC

On the grounds of damage to the conservation area and to the setting of Heywood URC (listed Grade II)

  • The proposed Co-op store at the Tannery -

On the grounds of the unsafe vehicle access near the already dangerous crossing

  • The proposed agricultural building for Leo Sawrij Ltd. on the Valley edge opposite the existing large sheds

On the grounds of the impact on the Special Landscape Area, and of the existence of several less damaging alternative sites in the same ownership.

There have not been many member submissions to the Council to date, so please write in or email if you have a few minutes