Crime Update

A meeting was held in January in Shelf to investigate the possibility of Neighbourhood Watch schemes being setup in and around the area. The West Yorkshire Police also attended the meeting along with the Crime Prevention officer Jill Pilling. We thought we would pass on the advice below.

If you would like to take advantage of a Free crime prevention survey offered by the Crime Prevention officer then call Jill Pilling on 07799 583226 or you can email

Crime Prevention Advice

Lock your doors and windows - 30% of crime is from doors and windows being left open.

Vehicles / Keys - Do not leave keys within sight of windows or doors. Residents were advised by the Crime Prevention officer to take keys upstairs. Keys which are proximity sensitive are easily breached as there is a device being used by thieves to allow the vehicle to be unlocked and driven away. Best option for these types of keys is to pop in a tin or foil each night – this will prevent the device from working.

Lighting - Thieves do not like ‘dusk till dawn’ external lighting. Any external lighting on all night is usually avoided

Ward Forum Update

The last ward forum meeting took place on June 6 2018. Below are the crime figures presented at the meeting. You can download the minutes from the meeting below Ward forum minutes June 2018.

Below you can see latest crime figures presented at the meeting.

Crime stats June 18

At a previous Ward Forum meeting in September 2017, Heather Stout presented the latest crime figures for the ward. Below is a map with some details of the figures. If you would like to start a Neighbourhood Watch scheme please email the secretary for further information.

We will report Crime Figures for the area as often as possible but we do rely on West Yorkshire Police providing us with the most up to date figures.