Sherwood A. Richers III

I am a N3AS Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California Berkeley working on theory and simulations of stellar explosions. My research is currently focused on investigating the role of neutrino transport in the central engines that drive core-collapse supernova explosions and gamma-ray bursts. Most of my work is done using and extending publicly available open-source code.

My current primary research interest is developing tools that will allow us to model the interactions of neutrinos with matter in exploding stars and merging neutron stars. This is an incredibly challenging computational problem that I am moving forward by combining Monte Carlo and deterministic transport algorithms that will enable us to more precisely understand and predict what happens in cosmic explosions. To find out more about this and previous work, check out my publications and talks pages.

I received my B.A. in Astronomy-Physics in 2012 from the University of Virginia, where I did my senior thesis work under the supervision of John Hawley. I defended my Ph.D. thesis in 2017 at the California Institute of Technology. More information can be found in my CV.

449C LeConte Hall

University of California Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720

srichers [at]