Sherwood Elementary After School Enrichment

Welcome Families!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 After School Enrichment website. As parents/guardians we want our students to engage in meaningful and exciting after school enrichment activities. This year we are very excited to provide some Sherwood favorites as well as some new programs for students to enjoy. Below are descriptions of the programs we will be providing this fall. Also on this page you will see enrollment guidelines, how to pay, and cut off dates for registration.

There has been a lot of restructuring to the program this year. Please check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, as it will likely answer many of the questions you have. After reading the FAQ page, if your question still hasn't been answered, please email Katie Halpin at .

Thank you! :)

Fall Programs

Cincinnati United Quickness, Speed, and Agility Training

Price: $75

Grade Level: 2-6

From Nicki, the owner: ''The class I offer will provide exercise, strength, quickness, coordination, agility, running mechanics and overall fitness. I want to provide a way for kids to have fun while exercising and a way for kids to become more physically fit. This class will have a strong focus on the correct running form and mechanics because most kids are never taught how to run properly. Through other exercises I will also teach the right way to control the body during exercise and sports which will help prevent injuries. Plan to have a lot of fun being active!!''

For more information please visit:

Cincy STEM Lab

Price: $75

Grade Level: K-3

In this specialized after school STEAM workshop series, scholars will explore scientific properties through everyday interactions with physical, natural sciences, and math.

How scholars interpret scientific findings and apply engineering processes and reasoning skills will enhance their scientific literacy and math skills. Your budding scientist or engineer will dive into hands- on projects like solar ovens, slime making, forensics, rocketry, biomedical engineering, and more. We will also take advantage of the beautiful outdoors and perform west and soil testing while using our surroundings for artistic inspiration.

For more information about Cincy STEM Lab visit:

My Nose Turns Red

Price: $90

Grade Level: K-6

The circus is coming the Sherwood! From their website: ''My Nose Turns Red (MNTR) is the only non-profit organization in the Greater Cincinnati area dedicated to youth circus. Every year MNTR provides year-round training and performance opportunities for over 400 youth in the art of the one-ring circus and the theatrical clown. We believe that youth circus is a magical blend of theatre, movement, physical fitness, imagination and childlike wonder. Our instructors blend the ability to play with the precision of circus arts to create programs where youth learn teamwork and trust in a non-competitive environment. From beginners’ classes to advanced performance programs, MNTR provides a safe arena for young people to take risks and challenge themselves. ''

In this session, we will offer circus games, a warm up, object manipulation, balance, a partner acro (human pyramids) and juggling.

To learn more about this program visit:

Young Rembrandts

Price: $83

Grade Level: 1-6

Our elementary drawing classes complement and expand existing art programs in local Butler, Warren and Hamilton County schools. Young Rembrandts provides all materials, top-quality instructors and curriculum for weekly drawing classes. Our classes are built to be fun, but children who participate in Young Rembrandts local art classes increase overall academic skills, fine motor skills, social skills and confidence.

For more information visit: Young Rembrandts East Cincinnati

Program Dates

Our programs will be on Mondays and Fridays this year. Programs will be from 3:45-5:00 PM. Each program will be six weeks long.

Monday Progams: (September 23- November 11)

Young Rembrandts and My Nose Turns Red

**NOTE** No School October 7 or November 4. Programs will not be available on these dates.

Friday Programs: (October 11-November 15)

Cincy STEM Lab and CU Quickness, Speed, and Agility Training

Registration Dates and Payment

Registration for enrichment programs will look a little different this year. You will be required to enroll your child here first. This will allow us to have better a clearer picture of where each student is to go at the end of the day. Then, I will contact the program coordinators and provide them a list of who will be in each class. This new process will allow for better communication between the schools, staff, and program leaders. Your child's safety is our number one priority.

Once I send the coordinators your information, they will be contacting you for payment and various forms that you will need to fill out. Each program will likely have different information they will want for your child. For example, they may ask for you to sign a waiver form specific for their program. Please be aware of due dates for payment.

Registration for Monday programs will be due no later than September 9th.

Registration for Friday Program will be due no later than September 16th.

PLEASE keep these due dates in mind. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can my child participate in more than one program?

Yes! If your child is interested in a Monday program and a Friday program, they can enroll in both. Your child cannot participate in 2 Monday programs or 2 Friday programs, as they will be occurring at the same time.

If my child is enrolling in two programs, do I have to fill out the form twice?

Yes, please. This will allow us to give that information to each appropriate party responsible for your child for that day.

Why do I have to fill out the Google Form and a form for the program my child is enrolling in?

This is for the safety of your child. By using this form, we are taking ownership of the program. We will have clear communication of who is enrolling in a program, where your child should go after the program is over, and who to contact in case of an emergency. This form is for Sherwood staff. The program your child is enrolling in will collect the information they need in a way that best works for them.

Why are there only four programs this year?

At the end of last year, there was a survey provided through the Sherwood Parents Page on Facebook and the school newsletter asking parents to provide feedback on which programs their child would be interested in. The programs provided this year are directly correlated with those results. Our goal this year was to reduce the number of programs and streamline interests that way there was better communication and organization.

What programs will be provided in the spring?

Given the variety of after school activities and clubs provided through the school in the winter/spring months, we are unsure whether or not spring programs will be provided. If we provide programs in the spring, there will likely be 4 programs again, and a change up of which programs we provide.