Sherin Thawer is a Children’s Book Author and Christian Motivational Speaker. Thawer is passionate about spreading positivity and kindness by sharing faith-motivated lessons and stories.

Sherin Thawer Christian Church

Recently, Sherin Thawer has actively pursued one of her greatest dreams: to become a Christian Motivational Speaker. For many years, Thawer has been a supporter of influential carriers of God’s messages of hope and love. Her favorite Christian Motivational Speakers include Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer.

A faith-centered woman, Sherin Thawer finds motivation in the warm and welcoming words of the Lord and His disciples. Thawer embraces the encouraging and powerful messages of Bible scriptures in both the Old and New Testaments.

In her Christian motivational speaking engagements, Sherin Thawer often recites her favorite encouraging Bible scriptures. Her favorite verses include Jeremiah 29:11, Deuteronomy 28, Isaiah 41 and Psalm 168. In her speeches, she encourages her fellow believers to join her in invoking the inspiring and motivational energy of her favorite Bible scriptures.

In late 2021, Sherin Thawer will debut her first Christian-based children’s book: Attitude of Gratitude: Story of 10 Lepers. The story offers young children the opportunity to embrace the story of Jesus of Nazareth and the Ten Lepers in a way that relates to them. Based on the Book of Luke story Jesus and the Ten Lepers, Thawer’s children’s book is Bible-derived. The Children’s Book Author hopes to encourage an Attitude of Gratitude in young children through her retelling of the Biblical story.

A lifelong believer in the love and acceptance of Christianity, Sherin Thawer aims to encourage and motivate children with her written works. She eagerly anticipates her opportunity to share stories of the Bible with children in ways that will appeal to their young and modern minds.

Sherin Thawer Ten Lepers