2022 Day Guild Officers

Liz Thomas, President

The world of knitting has brought me great joy and satisfaction over the years. During my career in education, I strove to help others learn. The two worlds of knitting and education blended once I joined the local knitting guild. How you might ask? Once I retired, I was able to join the local guild whose purpose is to promote the continuing education of persons interested in improving their knitting skills through meetings, workshops, and networking with other knitters locally, regionally, and nationally. As president of the guild, I am able to lead the direction of that educational focus and have fun in the process.

Even during the pandemic, I get to meet new people, assist in providing others with new experiences in the field of fiber art, especially in the knitting industry. We have taken virtual tours of yarn shops, met local yarn dyers to name a few of our endeavors. But most of all, I have been making so many wonderful connections with other yarn enthusiasts and making new friends while learning and developing future programs for teaching others about the fiber art industry.

I love to design knitting patterns, some I sell online, others are custom designs or just me trying to learn new techniques or create new pattern stitches. Life-long learning is my goal and I have stuck to that over the years.

Since September 2021, I added a Shih Tzu puppy to my home and duties. He has slowed down my knitting, but he brings me great joy! It is a good trade off. One goal of mine this year is to design a winter sweater for him with a western theme. His name is Stetson (after the cowboy hat and in honor of my Dad, who wore a Stetson hat whenever he left the house.)

Peggy Carper, Secretary

One of the things that drew me to the Guild was trying to learn new stitches and improving my knitting skills. The Educational knowledge that is shared is always something I look forward to. The other piece is the Charity work. The Guild has its charity and I also crochet for https://www.bridgetscradles.com/. My daughter is a Labor and Delivery nurse and she heard about this organization at work and she was like, "Mom, you need to do this! " So I have been volunteering for them for about 4 years now. I am blessed with 2 healthy daughters and now have 2 wonderful Grandchildren. Not every family is so fortunate and I hope I can help a family in need with the cradles that I make.

Donna Foley, Treasurer

I joined SKG when I moved to Winchester in 2019 to find others interested in knitting as I am. It's great to know experienced knitters to help you when you get stuck, to help others with what you do know, and to learn about techniques that are completely new.

But what has had the most meaning to me is the extent to which SKG and its members are devoted to knitting for charity. Face it. Those of us who are knitters have probably maxed out on homemade sweaters and blankets for our families.

Knitting sweaters for toddlers in the two day care centers SKG has adopted (Freemont Street Nursery and Winchester Day Preschool and Day Care Center) opened a whole new avenue of creativity for me. First, toddler sweaters are small and knit up pretty fast. Second, we use donated yarn, and I use a pattern adapted to using up scraps of yarn. And the kids love all the different colors.

Several SKG members support knitting for other local charities, so there is a great network for donating yarn and finding a place to donate whatever you feel like knitting, crocheting, or sewing - from baby sets to scarves to lapghans to chemo hats.

2022 Evening Guild Liaison Officer

The evening guild consists of the day guild president and vice-president as well as a liaison secretary.

Janet Foote, Liaison Secretary