Community Outreach/Charity Knitting

We are a VERY active group of knitters, including knitting for worthy causes. Our premier charity knitting project, called "Sweaters and Hat" provides sweaters and hats for two local daycare centers. Many of our members keep their needles clicking providing ADORABLE sweaters for deserving children in our community at Winchester Day Nursery and Fremont Street Nursery. The guild has a supply of free yarn available to any member who wishes to participate in this voluntary effort.

Looking at the photos below, you will find a finished sweater with matching hat proudly displayed at a guild meeting ready for donation. To the right of that photo, children who just received their sweaters and hats will melt your heart just looking at the photo. Are they happy????? You betcha!

The large group photo shows Secretary, Pat Hays, sitting with children from Fremont Nursery who were the recipients in 2019. Next year Winchester Day Nursery children will receive sweaters.

Guild member Virginia Saunders showing a sweater she knit for Fremont Street Nursery.

Smiling faces of children modeling their new hats and sweaters.

Children at Fremont Street Nursery wearing their new hats and sweaters.. Seated on the floor with them in left side of photo is guild Secretary, Pat Hays.

The day guild donates knitted items to other local charities and will be updating this page to share information about them.

The Evening Guild is in the developmental stage of determining where to donate knitted items. Stay tuned! They just had their first business meeting on September 9, 2020 and are brainstorming ideas. Some of the projects under consideration are impressive and they are excited to get started. More later...