One Stop Research

Good research always starts with these three ideas:

  1. Know the difference between sources and locations of sources
    • Here's an example: The Internet is not a source-- it's a location of a source. That source is a website.
  2. Build a good foundation of background knowledge BEFORE you develop a claim.
    • Spend time getting to know the topic before you start asking deeper questions.
    • Ask yourself WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE of your topic then delve deeper into it.
  3. Develop a research plan and reflect on it. Click HERE for a worksheet that will help you "map out" where to go to find quality sources.
Types of Information

STEP 1: Click on the RESEARCH GETTING STARTED image to the right to view websites that will help you brainstorm topics and ideas, how to ask good research questions.

STEP 2: Then, watch the video below to help you get the most out of a Google Search.

Google Book Search-- This is a great place to find books on the topic you are researching. It an overlooked area for some students but it shouldn't be! Click on the video above to find out how to use this powerful research tool.

Another place to gather research information is through our online databases called EBSCO. These contain articles from magazines, newspapers, academic journals, and much more. All academic research should start here.

Click here.

To use the databases at home, obtain a username and password from the library.

Works Cited Generators : Cite This For Me


Should I cite images? Click HERE to find out. Next, view this video for further explanation:

Website evaluation is one of the most important tools to good research. View this Slide presentation and then print out the document to assist you with learning which websites are quality sources.

crap test power point
Evaluation of Sources-- passing the CRAP Test

These two documents will assist you with keeping notes on your research. Click either one to view it and print it out.

Evidence Gathering #3

Seniors-- This document is created specifically for you to assist with your senior project research paper. However, any student might still benefit from it. Click the document to view it in full screen.

English 12 Research Toolkit