Sheffield Aikido

Shodokan Aikido

Shodokan Aikido is a Japanese martial art with a competitive sport format and self defence applications. Developed by Kenji Tomiki (a student of both Judo-founder Jigoro Kano and Aikido-founder Morihei Ueshiba), it includes Aikido and distance Judo principles. The sport of Shodokan Aikido is thus similar to Judo, but includes striking and wrist locks, and excludes ground work and clothing grips.

Kyogikan Dojo

Shodokan Aikido Sheffield at the Kyogikan martial arts centre for self defence classes and sport aikido!

At the Kyogikan martial arts centre, we practice a lot of aikido: from self defence classes to sport aikido classes, white belts to black belts, beginner to international competitor. Come train with us!

The purpose of the Kyogikan Dojo is also to provide a training space for other martial arts. Please contact us if you are interested in renting our space for your own club!

Class Times

Tuesday 1800 - 1930

Open to all

Thursday 1800 - 1930

Open to all

Saturday 1100 - 1300

Invitation only