Shazdeh Mahan Garden of Kerman

Shazdeh Mahan Garden is a Green miracle among the desert of Kerman

The Shazdeh Mahan Garden, due to the presence of the desert and the contrast between the lush environment of the garden and the dry environment outside the walls of the garden, is a special attraction for visitors and tourists, and it can be named as one of the most beautiful traditional gardens in the land of Iran. That created such a contrasting beauty. The presence of a lush garden in the heart of a desert desert where you rarely plant it as a miracle, a strange event that will surprise everyone. This masterpiece of architecture is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

About the Shazdeh Garden

About the Shazdeh Garden. The history of creating the Shazdeh Garden dates back to the Qajar era. This spectacular gardens was originally built by the commander of Mohammad Hassan Khan, Sardar Iravani, the ruler of the time of Kerman in 1276. The approximate area of the Shazdeh Mahan Garden is about five and a half hectares, and its length is 407 meters and its width is 122 meters, which has two sets of eastern and western buildings. In addition to the authentic architecture of the Shazdeh Mahan Garden mansion, the existence of fountains that act only in accordance with the law of physics and altitude, is a characteristic feature of this beautiful traditional garden.

Tourists and visitors to the Shazdeh Mahan Garden, at the entrance to the garden, see the beautiful courtyard, which looks like a picture frame, which includes mansions, pools, fountains and garden trees. Garden include the main mansion of the garden, the courtyard, Shahnshin mansion and baths.

The staircase structure leading to the mansion, along with water fountains and terracotta trees that give rise to a variety of harmonies in different seasons, has given the garden a beautiful view of which can only be understood by closely seeing its impact.

Clever watering system and fountains

The water distribution system of this garden follows a special engineering and is very smartly designed by garden architects.

One of the hallmarks of the Iranian Garden is the presence of waterfalls and fountains, the flow of water in the vertical and horizontal levels, and the use of the slope of the ground for water guidance, which are used by aristocratic architects and artists in the Shazdeh Garden.

The flow of water from the hallway to the entrance hall continues, and on both sides there are two ponds. This water, flowing into the Shazdeh Garden, also plays the role of irrigation of plants and gives the beautiful beauty of the eye-catching garden. In addition, the existence of fountains in these ponds has added to the refreshing atmosphere and created a special atmosphere.

These fountains are very cleverly built and are only active on the basis of height difference, slope application and no other force.

Point about delicate work of Shazdeh garden

If you visit this garden, you will find that some of its parts lack decorative and delicate work, which is why this half-way is to get rid of it. It is said that when the news of the death of the ruler of Kerman came to the attention of the person who was busy with the building, he tore the plaster in his hands and tore it to the wall and left the job. The effects of such negligence today are completely apparent with empty tiles on the entrance.

Shazdeh Garden Addresses

The Shazdeh Garden is located 2 km from Mahan city and 35 km from the center of Kerman on the slopes of Tighan Mountains. Access to it will be possible through the Kerman Bam road and a 25-kilometer route.