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Make Money as a Snippet Blogger

USING A Blogger (SERP) Snippet

SERP Snippet Description

A small region of text (1,200 words) is used to describe or give an answer to a search engine inquiry. How, when, where, why, what, or who. Read More...

Getting Started in Snippet Blogging

To become an authoritative figure for your snippet blog start with 50 to 100 blog posts in your specialty niche. Read More

Who writes a snippet

The blogger Snippet is written by a Snippet Blogger that has a niche or specialty blog to answer questions relating to a question or questions about a specific niche or search engine inquiry. Read More...

What is a snippet used for

A blogger snippet is a small group of text used to solve a reader’s problem or task at hand without leaving unanswered questions. Read More...

How many words is a snippet

A blogger snippet is 1,200 words or less with a link to the blogger's article on the subject. The blogger article is usually 3,500 words or less and might contain links to other more technical advice on the desired subject. Read More...

Where to place a snippet

A blogger snippet is located on the front page of a blog or the landing page of a link within the blog. An index-style blog snippet usually has 9 to 10 blogger snippets with links to more information. Thumbnail images are used as images to increase page loading time.


Make money with a snippet

Monetizing a blogger snippet is done by adding an ad on the blog in or near the blogger snippet. Teaching Courses, Affiliate Products, and Donation buttons are popular with professional snippet bloggers. Read More...

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