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How to Make Money at Home with Google Snippets as a Snippet Blogger (headline description 68 characters or less 12pt font)

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Alphabet Soup

Example Content Marketing, as a Snippet Blogger using Google Sites snippet blogger template USA 15 words Subheadline 14pt bold font

Content 12pt font

Niche – Subject of blog

KEYWORD (alphabet soup)

· Categories

· Categories

· categories

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· web p - 30% smaller graphics

· Avip - smaller graphics still

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Headline – 68 characters (Page description)

· focus on keywords

URL – page)/ ace, ace/ (3-5 words) – don’t use same words

· hyphen - not in domain or parent page

· underscore _ subdomains

Subheadline – bold letters (the answer to a query) (14pt font) 15 words

Featured snippet – satisfy reader on search page 1200 words answer targets – blog post to win featured snippets

· don’t state question b4 the answer

· answer targets – blog post to win featured snippets

· 3 subheadings with 1,000 words each (alphabet soup)

Response post - 1,200 words

· 1 answer target,

· 3 subheadings with more than a thousand words

Staple Post - 2000/3000 words

· How to/list/meaty response, tables, lists, infographics

· 3 or more answer quarries how to/product review/interview/long response

Pillar Post – 7,600 words discontinued

Article Notes – Social Media 2 min rule = 2 min read

· Minimum of 1,000 hits a page per month,(alphabet soup) 200 is a waste of time, 800 to 900 rewrite your article

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About me blurb

Shawn Dutton


300k followers 3 pages on LinkedIn

As a “Software-Professor

I’m in charge of training and teaching students at home with custom software

and course design.

I’ve designed over 800 training courses

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Legal Information

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