Gallery: Oil

I love the process of painting: the mixing of colours, the spring of the paintbrush. I enjoy the movement of strokes that are free flowing and satisfying. I treasure discovering intricate shapes and features in my work. I play with a variety of shades and contrasts. I appreciate the thickness of paint; how the paint intermingles with the texture of my canvas. I revel in how my body dances to the rhythm of my work.

World of Greed

How can nature survive with the drive of consumption and greed?

Oil on wood, 24"W x 24"H x 1.5". $650 CAD.


Friendship can be complicated, but precious

Awarded "Best in Theme" at the April 2019 Women's Art Society juried show.

Oil on canvas, wood framed. 11"W x 14"H. $400 CAD.

Red's creatures

In her life, they are her constants that evolve with her

Oil on canvas, framed in brushed silver and black border. 18"W x 24"H. $775 CAD.,

Firefly, A celebration of colours

She is the siren of the fantasies of strength and power from a darker world. Her cry moves me and I become more aware. Inspired by amazing graphics of Diablo 3

Oil on canvas, framed, 24"W x 36"H. $900 CAD.

Lakelady’s cloud reflections

Clouds on water continually bewitch me as I see the lights and reflections. What can it be this moment, what will it be the next?

Oil on canvas, framed, 20" x 16" x 1". $575 CAD.

Red dragon

I am so glad you heard my call and came with all your courage and sense of adventure ready to share.

Oil on canvas, floating frame, 30"W x 30"H. $975 CAD.

Floating blue

I am continuously moved by the rhythm and movement of water. It flows within me and changes me continuously and forever.

Oil on canvas, floating frame. 40"W x 40"H x 2". $1475 CAD.


As I lay in the woods and watch the sky, I feel so free

Oil on canvas, 30"W x 30"H. In a private collection.


In the quiet of the morning, I focus and feel my inner strength.

Oil on canvas, framed, 18"W x 24"H. $800 CAD.

Window view

So I watched from afar. Sometimes we need to step back.

Oil on canvas, Framed red and black, 30"W x 48"H. $1375 CAD.

Caribbean fish

How can so many kinds of fish intermix and flourish in a healthy environment? What could we do to help them keep their home safe?

Oil on canvas, 24" x 24" x 1.5". $600 CAD.

Grey rock reflection

You continuously change but your mystery remains.

Oil on canvas, framed, 14"W x 11"H. $350 CAD.

Hope in all seasons

Hope is ever flowing if I only let it be.

Oil on canvas, framed, 16"W x 20"H. $575 CAD.

Winter seen from the woods

The low light of winter fabricates amazing views

Oil on canvas, 40"W x 30"H x 1.5". $1000 CAD.

1211 avenue du bois

My totem and anchor that excites me each time I pass

Oil on canvas, Gold frame, black border, 16"W x 20"H. $600 CAD.

Up and coming multi-coloured fish

Where has this one been, I see the impact of many places? How many fish are there in this one?

Oil on canvas, 24"W x 24"H x 2"D. $600 CAD.

Beech trees in snow

How resilient the beech can be in the winter winds!

Oil on canvas, framed, 30"W x 30"H. $900 CAD.

Crab Apples

Joy to the crab apples and leaves and those who look into a treasured tree.

Oil on canvas, Tryptic, framed, 36"W x 16"H. $700 CAD.

Flow of colours

Amidst the sea of humanity I see such vibrancy!

Oil on canvas, Floating frame, 30"W x 22"H. In a private collection

Summer roses

I feel the vibrancy that makes me smile! Oh the colours of summer!

Oil on white mylar, Brown-gold frame and mounted. 10"W x 26"H. $575 CAD.

Green contemplation: Sam's Song

Courage can facilitate amazing events.

Oil on canvas, 40"W x 40"H x 1.5"D. In a private collection.

Grey mouse discovers Totem

So Grey Mouse whispered to the mink, "birds and rabbits" are unique.

Oil on wood ,framed, 12"W x12"H x 1.5"D. $400 CAD.

A Tribute to Elena

Such a laugh and zest for life; why did it stop?

Acrylic on canvas, framed, 18"W x 24"H. In a private collection.

Apple blossom time

The promises of spring flood my senses as I encounter flowering apple trees along my journey!

Oil on canvas, 40"W x 40"H x 1.5"D. In a private collection.


If I explore the microscopic world, will I find the answers to the universe?

Oil on canvas, framed. 18"W x 24"H. ?$800 CAD.

Macro Mushroom

It’s the unexpected discovery of mushrooms, with quirky shapes and colours that I love so much.

Oil on wood, 16"W x 16"H x 1.5"D. In a private collection.

Feeling peachy No.2

One word and I jump for joy and feel the magic of your love. I feel peachie.

Oil on canvas, framed. 16"W x 20"H. $575 CAD.