Education Matters

Please complete the survey based on your preferred language of communication. Your voice matters.

Mayor-elect Lightfoot is committed to learning how stakeholders feel about the state of education in the city of Chicago. We are surveying the city to generate suggestions on what needs to be improved and retained in our system as it stands today. We want to engage our constituents in hopes that they share their thoughts, offer suggestions and most of all ensure their voices are heard. Your perspectives are invaluable, not only amongst your fellow community members but at the decision-making table and beyond. Becoming a better Chicago means inviting input from, and listening to, the needs of every person.

While our survey is intended to gain your input, it is not intended to be a place to submit a job application. If you’d like to submit your resume to the Lightfoot Administration, please do that here.

If you have a concern that needs to be immediately addressed, please reach out to CPS, DFSS or CCC at the contact information listed below.

CPS - Office of Family and Community Engagement in Education

773.553.FACE (3223)