My CV can be found here

I work at the interface of syntax and semantics and am especially interested in the interplay between linguistic structure and conceptual structure. Through a mix of formal theory, experimental methods, and fieldwork, my research addresses questions like:

  • In what ways does the architecture of human language reflect the ways in which we mentally model the world around us?

  • How do the grammatical choices we encounter shape the mental models we build?

  • What are the basic building blocks of linguistic meaning, and how are these building blocks bundled into words and constructions across languages?

Specific topics I've worked on include binding and reflexivity, event structure and event semantics, spatial language, noun phrase structure, the typology of clausal complementation, and composition of attitude reports.

I am currently a post-doc in the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science. Before this, I completed my PhD in the Harvard Department of Linguistics under the advisement of Dr. Kathryn Davidson and Dr. Isabelle Charnavel.