Pramanik Samooh

Objective: Take Jainism to youth in the style appealing to them




Subtitling of published Shanka Samadhan clips:

  • Providing subtitle in English to all youtube published videos so that Non-Hindi person can understand it. Manoj ji New Delhi and Neeta ji Mumbai is coordinating. So far 160 pravachans have been subtitled

Article Writing:

  • Aims at relating Jain philosophy and principles to modern day in an impactful package to reinforce its relevance.
  • Also translate articles in english

Popular Articles:

  1. Dowry
  2. Valentine’s Day
  3. Why should we not eat potatoes ?
  4. Importance of Das Lakshan
  5. Importance of Values in one’s life

Progress : More than 100 articles have been written till date.

  • Co-ordinator: Akanksha ji, Ghaziabad

Graphics Animation videos:

  • With the aim of imparting the basic tenets of Jainism right from the childhood and instilling Jain principles and values to help navigate the challenges faced during adolescence and youth team started creation of short motivational and inspirational stories and anecdotes.

Using cutting edge graphics and videography team has published 21 stories till date.

Bal Bodh - Stories for Kids (15)

  • Story of Shrut Panchami
  • Story of Anjan Chor
  • Story of Beautiful Hands

Stories for Adults (5)

  • Contributors: Ankita Jain, Preeti Jain, Ankit Jain etc

Bhawna Yog:

  • Meditation program designed by Maharaj Shri.

Pravachan documentation (DONE): With the aim of making thought-provoking insights of Maharaj Shri available across print media, this project encompasses documentation of the Pravachans in prominent local languages. Documentation is published under the Chaar Batein book series.

Progress (Chaar Batein series):

  • Published: Part 1 and Part 2
  • Under Print: Part 3 and Part 4

Contributors: Anju Bhabhi, Shipra Bhabhi, Udaipur and Kiriti Bhabhi, New Delhi

Clips documentation : With the aim of making thought-provoking insights of Maharaj Shri available across print media, this project encompasses documentation of the clips in hindi languages.

Contributors: Anju Bhabhi, Shipra Bhabhi, Udaipur and Kiriti Bhabhi, New Delhi

Whatsapp Network:

Aims at bringing the daily pravachans of Muni Praman Sagarji Maharaj to us in short easy to understand format interspersed with short quizzes, quotes, articles and fun facts to educate the members.

  • Current Reach: ~13K individuals
  • Broadcasts: 3-4 messages per week
  • Co-ordinator: Ankit jain, Agra

Facebook engagement: Entails broadcasting and publishing of popular content – pravachans, questions, quotes, stories and articles via Best of Shanka Samadhan Facebook page and dedicated groups across the globe.

FB page has garnered tremendous followership in terms of likes and shares with close to 50K followers

Typical reach of popular content -

  • Clips: 25K – 30K
  • Articles: 12K -20K
  • Animated Stories: 35K – 50K
  • Pravachan: 20K – 60K

Page serves as a platform to answer questions for non jains across the globe.

  • Co-ordinator: Shailesh jain, Chennai

Website maintainence:

Website is maintained with all detailed. Developed in wordpress.

Quotes: Entails extracting and capturing catchy one liners and quotes from daily Pravachans to be broadcasted via FB, whatsapp network and Pramanik app.

Also plan to translate quotes in English.

Team has published 75 quotes till date.

Shanka Samadhan Clipping:Encompasses extraction of impactful clips from daily Pravachans and packaging them into playlists

Popular Clips:

  • Why Jain monks are naked?
  • Ways to make old age meaningful
  • How should a good teacher be?

Progress :

1000 clips uploaded under ‘Best of Shanka Samadhan’

Daily Pravachan Titling:

With the aim of sharing the answers to the frequently asked and searched questions the team embarked on bifurcating the pravachans based on themes which could easily be searched by netizens.

Progress so far: Total of 150 pravachans have been titled so far

  • Providing suitable title to discourses of Muni shri on daily basis. Co-ordinator: Sandip Ji, New Delhi

Pravachan Series: Encompasses carving out short topics from daily morning pravachans and bucketing them into series.

Popular Pravachan Series:

  • Jain Tatva Vidya
  • Aim of Education
  • Facts of Jainism

Progress : Total of 84 videos have been uploaded on YouTube and Best of Shanka Samadhan … 294 clips processed

  • Muni shri Praman Sagar ji maharaj has taken class on jain tatva vidya and there are around 28 videos. Now, small topics has been selected and timing are noted on spreadsheet. Further, these videos are cut in small clips as per timing noted and title is given. Coordinator: Ankit Jain, New Delhi




  • Write programs to upload videos to youtube. Co-ordinator: Meha Ji, Australia
  • Program or script to check progress of volunteers from google spreadsheet. Achintya Ji, Singapore and Siddharth Ji, Mumbai
  • Create thumbnails for the uploaded youtube videos and other graphic images for facebook etc. Co-ordinator: Ankit ji Agra
  • Edit videos for a better look with end screens etc. Co-ordinator: Ankit ji Agra, Swapnil Ji Pune
  • New Volunteers orientation, Coordinator: Pratiksha ji, USA
  • Swadhayay class on Sunday by Shirish Bhaiya. Coordinator: Nikita Ji, USA
  • Providing description and tags to youtube videos, reviewing youtube videos for bad comments etc.. Coordinator: Neeta ji, Mumbai