,Dear soul

Blessings as we welcome your arrival to this special portal.

We invite you to enter a magical and experiential space of shamanic and Buddhist knowledge and wisdom.

If you arrived here now, there is probably a special wind blowing among you,

Calling on you, to deepen your connection with the depths of your spirit,

With the unification of your powerful forces - your Divine nature , inside and out.

And return to yourself, to re-member the true essence of your soul, to oneness with creation.

It's a deep journey into yourself,

Were you get to heal some past traumas and old conditioning, and make room to reveal the infinite field of potentials , full of space to simply Be, who you truly are.
a state that allows you to discover universal wisdom, surprises and magic, and true remembrance, in the most powerful natural forces of all, That's existing - in you, and exist through you.

It is a unique experience, different from anything you have ever known.

Such an in-depth journey cannot be described theoretically, but only experienced in a living way.

This is a rare and extraordinary opportunity to discover the depths of your shamanic soul, through the path of natural medicine,

And from a place of inner wholeness, a connection to nature and the spirit. 

We will host the retreat at Be Home farm - a unique place that is beyond a Retreat Center, a sanctuary that is a Home, for personal and community development in the new world.
a place that has been actively holding sacred experiences for beautiful souls from all over the world for the past 7 years.

As well as holding

Shamanic medical ceremonies of different kinds, events with awareness, celebrations of life, in the new age atmosphere. and a house where you can just be. You. As you are.

All this magic happens in the heart of the Diamond Valley , known as "the medicine valley" here in Costa Rica, on healthy, lush, clean, well-kept and fertile abundant land.

The wild jungle is hugging and supports as with love, The frequency is clear as a diamond, in which Mother Earth is well heard.

And all this with the addition of an amazing tribe of new-old friends - members of your type!

~ Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe ~

in brief?

Welcome to Heaven on Earth!

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During this special period, millions of souls all over the world are in the process of a collective awakening.

Each at a different stage, in his personal journey,

Each soul has it's own rhythm.

And we are here on a mission, to support the transcendence of human consciousness.

In the healing of the heart, body and mind.

Thanks to nature, through nature.

 Inseparable from nature. From the body, From the spirit. From all there is.

Back to the essence.

These are very intense and special times in our world right now, and every soul that decides to heal itself and awakens back to its nature -

 Get an accelerated support and guidance like never before, in spirit and matter.

And of course - affects the One collective that we are!

The time has come, this is the moment.

Whoever feels the call within themselves - it's time to take action,

, and make a good use of the historic momentum of the entry of the 5th dimension, and the Golden age
that raises the frequency of the unified field.
from Darkness into Light.

It's suttable for you if...
You yearn to connect with your inner shaman and deepen further, in your healing journey *

You wish to become your own medicine, a clear medicine vessel for your surroundings *

You wish to become intimately acquainted with the secrets of the world of shamanism and Buddhism *

Those who want to deepen their understanding regarding the essence and destiny of their soul *

* You are looking for a safe and loving space-holding for your soul journey, and looking to learn from empowering heart-centered mentors, who have been walking this path with devotion and purity for many years, and has been through many apprenticeships, tribal shamanic journeys across the world, and even healed themselves from physical diseases.
For them it is not just a theory, but a way of life that combines ancient wisdom with our innovative times.

Together, we return to the source essence, to simplicity, to the tribe of brothers and sisters, to the long-awaited harmony with Mother Earth and Mother Nature. With the old-new connection and synchronization, to the body, mind, soul, consciousness.

🏡 Everything happens with us in the perfect atmosphere,

Anyone who comes here feels at home from the first moment. Immediately wrapped in an authentic, unconditionally loving family.

Everything is always interwoven with a high frequency of joy, celebration, music, animals, color, abundance,

Truth, purity, communality, spirituality, inner peace, and unconditional love.

Join us to take your part in where the paradise of the 5th Dimension has been in full bloom for a long time,
and simply tune in to this this frequency! 

The Journey layout

Day 1 - Energy

Day 2 - Fire Element

Day 3 - Earth

Day 4 - Air

Day 5 - Water

Day 6 - ceremonial and Deep internal Dive 

Day 7 - Dreaming and  planting intentions .closing Ceremony

additional option:

Day 8 - Personal Medicine Drum making workshop ,
and Shabbat Ceremony Dinner

additional option:

Weekend in B Home,
for light integration (no schedule)  

* The schedule and contents may change slightly according to the present needs.
* It is possible to join the retreat without participating in the Ayahuasca / plant medicines Ceremonies 

So What would we learn ?

In this program we have rarely combined the two complementary worlds - shamanic-zen!

Contents from the East, Zen wisdom, Taoism, Buddhism:

We will learn how to break free from suffering consciousness and ascend our dharma path to spiritual destiny.

We will experience special meditations that connect us inward, to the power of this moment, to presence, from the spirit to the body,

Chi Gong, yoga and more.

connection to the five elements of nature inside and outside - fire, water, earth, air, ether,

We will learn about the oldest spiritual practice in the world.

Shamanic tools, energetic cleaners,

Shamanic journeys in the astral worlds,

connect with the spiritual totem animals and their wisdom & medicine.

Connect with more of our spiritual guides, with our ancestors,

As well as communication with real animals of this realm.

Energetic sessions to assimilate into our system and release negative energies.

, We will learn and experience the power of prayer and intention,

we will learn how to build fire.

 We will learn through a life experienced in harmony and balance with nature, inside and out.

How to drop into a deep presence.

We will learn medicine songs and drumming with the shamanic drum,

We will connect to waterfalls, rocks, animals and the jungle,

, We will experience deep healing through plant medicine rituals such as Ayawaska, Tabaco, Santa Maria-Cannabis, Psilocybin Mushroom,

Temazkal (traditional sweating and detoxification ceremony),

 Voice healing journeys, cacau ceremony, dance, movement, singing circles, Qi gong, and more surprises

We will experience the journey out of devotion to the beautiful nature and the mystical environment that surrounds us at every moment.

Possibility to extend the trip to three more nights of stay and integration at Be-Home-

And also continue to make a personal shamanic drum in the traditional way according to demand.

(Details on diet preparation for the ceremony and examination of suitability for medicine will be sent to registrants). 

When ?

Retreat week:


April 2024

an optional additional addings : 

For the ones who would like to stay around and integrate, (with no schedule),
we offer a special option,

8-11 - Three nights at Be-Home,
including accommodation and meals - for $ 180 only.

Outdoor workshop - Preparing a personal shamanic medicine drum*

(by demand)


B Home senctuary, Diamante Valley,
( near Tinamaste )

Costa Rica

Accommodation in Paradise is included,

High quality vegan food - included,

The water is pure straight from the Diamond Mountains

The tribe - already waiting for you with open arms

All you have to do is surrender to your intuition , and let the great spirit lead you to the depths of your wondrous being!

The Guides

Talia Sol

Medicine - Woman. Transformational coach & Healer , accompanied people in processes of personal development, awakening, empowerment and spiritual fulfillment.

Talia Sol is a liberated, wild and free woman. A messenger of Love, a Spiritual Guide, specializes in crossing the gates of fear, from the "comfort zone" and survival mentality - to a life of freedom where we shine our light as our highest full potencial. enjoying the process of creating life of Love, Joy, Laughter, Abundance , Sovereignty, Balance and more. Cultivating the connection to one's "Higher Self".

In her work she combines various tools that she is certified from the worlds of Shamanism, Theta Helling, NLP, Positive Psychology, Coaching, Kabbalah, Channeling, Pranic Healing, Access Bars, Reiki, Art, Meditations , Sales and Creation of financial abundance in a holistic way.

She has Travelled The world for 10 years, as she walked the path of the heart with full Trust & Surrender. fulfilled her dreams one by one, rebirthed herself many times, researched and experienced closely many of the secrets of life. with a deep connection to nature, the Divine magic of creation, community values, ancient wisdom, tribes and shamanism , sacred ceremonies & rituals , learned from leading teachers and shamans around the glob. that's where she recieved her indigenous name - "Dancing Heart".

Today she lives in the Heaven on Earth of Costa Rica with her beloved Helios , among a loving soul family community. working on international projects that support the transcendence of human consciousness, Healing and being of service to Mother Earth. Facilitates retreats, workshops, song circles, cacao ceremonies and meditations around the world, frontally and online. Supporting plant medicine ceremonies.

As well - Singer, Artist, Model, Writer, Creator, Entrepreneur, Influencer. 

Orpheous B

A family man, a leading magician, a healer of many methods and a guide to a way of life.

Orpheus has many years of experience as a shamanic guide and a wisdom keeper .

Facilitator of sacred plant medicine ceremonies,

And works with the many healing methods from the shamanic world.

Lived in Costa Rica for about 7 years, here he chose out of passion and love to establish the center which is a Home for the new earth - B Home.

Orpheus began his spiritual journey of self-discovery 22 years ago, as he traveled the world, while learning, feeling and listening. There he discovered the reason why he is  here - healing and guidance - to help people to feel better, happier , more balanced, more relaxed and ultimately happy.

After nearly a decade of living in the Far East and many long studies from his various teachers, exploring natural ways of healing the body and mind, He now combines his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and energetic work (Qi Gong) as well as his skill as a land guard and permaculturist. 


Medicine facilitator. Astral traveler. Ancient Temple's Heartkitek from the future. a fire igniter, a SOUL Alchemist with a boundless heart and an infinite talents and skills. With a keen eye for hidden potential and a passion for turning ordinary conditions into "Gold".

Helios channels his artistry into disciplined and devoted creations that inspire and activate manys. Living his life as one infinite art piece, He explores different levels of consciousness, plays with the elements of nature, and uncovers ancient codes and universal secrets . He is a coach of transformative artistic journeys, where you can fully and freely express yourself, connect with your inner child, and ignite your imagination limitlessly

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