Shakepay Login - Buy/Sell Bitcoin in Canada Now

Entering the most digitalized era in human history, Shakepay has been a great way to experience the ideology for digital money. It has turned a lot of heads with its services to Canadian from college students to retirees.

It is a technology company based out of Montreal that excels in providing software applications for your finances and helps you build up wealth by connecting you to the Internet’s digital economy.

It lets you buy and sell bitcoins, and transfer funds to your friends and family on the blockchain network with a vision of creating wealth and making the freedom of the economy a great possibility.

This read is focused on knowing its features, benefits, Shakepay login, and a few other information. So, let’s move on to know what life is like on the Shakepay cryptocurrency platform.


According to the brand, six major features define what can be delivered to its users with Shakepay login accounts:

  • High-speed transactions- Once you’ve set up your personal or business account on Shakepay, you will be minutes away from owning your first cryptocurrency or digital money.

  • Free of commission- Dealing in both Bitcoin and Ethereum is commission-free and at prices that are leading in the market.

  • Responsive to help- All of your issues get instant responses and won’t take more than a few hours to be resolved and that goes for any day of the week.

  • Secured storage- All your digital funds get stored someplace offline with the support of an insurance policy that gets issued for Shakepay.

  • Puts you in charge of funds- Transfer your cryptocurrencies to any digital wallet or your Canadian dollars to your bank accounts in just a few minutes.

Regulated- It has been legally licensed to operate in all the provinces and territories of Canada as one of the best Money Service Business.

All the Benefits That You Get

Of course, the features are appealing, but you cannot decide on choosing a Shakepay login account if you have no idea what benefits do you yield from it. Thus, listed here are the six advantages for the same:

  • It is one of the most used platforms for its user-friendly exchange services.

  • It is officially licensed, as a Money Service Business in all the Canadian states, so you know it is safe.

  • Fast purchases save you time, and that is because they take minutes instead of hours for the transactions.

  • Assets on Shakepay are safely stored offline so you don’t have to worry about digital threats.

  • Shakepay offers funding methods that include bank transfers and even debit cards.

  • You can deal in two cryptocurrencies instead of one- Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Be a Part of the Shakepay Community

This section is dedicated to helping you create a Shakepay login account for all the features and benefits you can experience to create your wealth (mentioned above):

  1. From your web browser, visit the official Shakepay site online.

  2. Locate and go for the “Sign In” option link and then to “Sign Up”.

  3. Follow the prompted instructions for filling in with data.

  4. Choose your unique Shakepay login username for further use.

  5. Ensure going through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  6. Verify your email address with the received email in your mailbox.

  7. Verify and confirm your registered phone number.


  • You can only use a valid and registered Canadian phone number for your Shakepay login account, which will be verified with a text message.

  • Ensure feeding valid and correct data to help the third-party automated service in verifying your account.


The recent development by the company has been able to provide great customer utilities- the Shakepay Card. One amazing thing about these cards is the Bitcoin rewards that users get with every transaction made with the card.

Yes, you can use your card with dollar balance at all Visa merchants (offline as well as online), and increase the Bitcoin balance in your Shakepay login account.

However, with so many users across Canada, you have to join the waitlist for the Shakepay card to get early access to the benefits that come with it.

Therefore, with Shakepay, stacking sats (the smallest unit of Bitcoin) has never been easier.


With Shakepay peer-to-peer transactions have become even more effective. They are easy, quick, and free. You can pay your friends back, send out sats, help your grandparents manage their funds. Basically, sending and sharing funds is similar to buying Bitcoin on Shakepay- hassle-free and instant.


With a Shakepay login account, you can have a fast and commission-free experience in dealing with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. And with their instant responsiveness, you can get help with resolving any issues that may come your way. Mentioned in the above read are six major traits that make Shakepay a great way to go in this digitalized era that we live in and the benefits that you can yield with creating your Shakepay login account. Also, get to know about the card they offer with Bitcoin rewards for each transaction.