Green Belt Relay

20th and 21st May 2017, (Team: SMTC)


The team for the Green Belt Relay is: Tom Cassidy, Aaron Chai, Julian Diamond, Nick Rowe, Jon Wooldridge, Rob Jones, Chris Boylett, Gary Neville, Ian Fullen, Clayton Bannon and Justin Reid.

The event starts at 8:30am from Hampton Court. The team should meet at Hampton Court at 8am to see the runners off and them make their way to the relevant next pick-up / drop-off point.

Event Info

There are around 40 teams taking part. There are set start times for each stage, meaning all runners start each leg together, typically just before the runners of the previous stage finish. There are 22 stages in total; 11 on each day and each runner does one leg per day. The course starts from Hampton Court and finishes at the Hawker Centre, Kingston on Sunday evening with awards, a barbeque and drinks.


The stages are shown below, with distance, difficulty, and the runner assigned to the stage.

Green Belt Relay

Hopefully these are all fine but if not there may be some flexibility as long as logistics are not messed up!

The Green Belt Relay website has further details on each stage, including route maps and start times. You MUST study your route in advance to ensure you don’t take a wrong turn. You should also take with you the route plan when you run. Each stage has a GPS route to help you familiarise yourself or to help guide you while you run. The route is marked on the course, but over 220 miles things can go wrong! The GBR Facebook page has been posting handy stage-by-stage guides.

Kit & Baggage

Bear in mind that when you finish a leg the majority of you will get into a different car than dropped you off. It is probably worth bringing two bags – one for each car with supplies, change of kit etc organised as required for the two days. Leave one in the ‘pick-up’ car at the start of each day.


Green Belt Relay website, including the route, stage details, event information:

Serpentine Club info on their entry:

Facebook page:


Ioan is a team driver for the weekend. Darren is driving on Saturday and Anthony on Sunday. Julian will also have his car for part of the weekend and Ravi is doing some other ad-hoc transport. Thanks to all of you as without the help no one could run! As you can imagine, transport and logistics are quite

challenging. The most effective way to transport the team is to split the group into two cars, even leg runners starting in one and odd runners in the other. Each car then goes to alternative start/end points to drop-off and pick-up a runner. This is more or less the approach we’ll follow. As long as you get into the right car at the start of the day it will all work! Drivers have the harder job and must be familiar in advance with the routes so need to do some preparation as well. Downloadable routes, postcodes etc are on the Green Belt Relay website.

Marshall Points

Each team is assigned marshal points out on the course. Ours are below. One car goes to each point.

Marshal Points


The vast majority of the team are staying overnight on the Saturday. We have rooms at the Travelodge, Harlow, CM20 2JE. This is a few miles from the end of stage 11 and start of stage 12.


£75 per runner covers: Green Belt Relay entry, Overnight accommodation, Petrol, SMTC team T-shirt (to be worn on Day 1), GBR T-shirt. If you aren’t staying overnight, the cost is £50.

If you have a SHAEF running top, it would be great if you can wear it on the Sunday leg. The rest of the kit (numbers etc) will be given out either the week before or on the morning if necessary.

Transportation – Day 1

Car #1, Darren: Starts with the ‘odd’ leg runners (apart from Julian) and picks up ‘even’ leg runners along the way. No pick-up at the end of leg 2 as Justin is not travelling on. On stage 7 there is a marshal point to cover. No drop-off on stage 9 as Chris is making his own way to the start. At the start of stage 11, everyone moves to Julian’s car so Darren can go home!

Car #2, Ioan: Starts with the ‘even’ runners (apart from Clayton) and picks up ‘odd’ runners along the way. No pick-up at the end of stage 1 as Gary is not travelling on and no drop-off for stage 10 as Clayton is joining separately. May need to return Jonathan to car (most likely at start of stage 9).

Car#3, Julian: Picks up Gary and Clayton and drives to start of stage 10 to drop off Clayton for his leg then onto Stage 11 start for his own leg. Picks up Darren’s crew here and Gary drives to end of stage 11. Drop-off Clayton at train station to make own way back as needed.

Car#4, Ravi: Head to the end of stage 1 to pick up Gary, then take Gary to Kempton Park before returning to end of stage 2 and 3 to pick-up Justin and bring back and get Chris back to his car.

Car #2 and #3 should meet at the end of stage 11 and head off to the Travelodge in Harlow where we have 5 double/triple rooms booked and should be 10 people staying.

Transportation - Day 2

Car #1, Anthony: Goes to end of stage 14 / start of stage 15 to pick-up team from Julian’s car (Nick only). Then continues picking up even runners.

Car #2, Ioan: Starts with the ‘even’ runners (apart from Jonathan and Justin) and picks up ‘odd’ runners along the way. Marshalling duties on stage 19. No pick-up/drop-off required at the end of stage 21 / start of stage 22 providing covered by Ravi.

Car#3, Julian: Starts with ‘odd’ runners (apart from Clayton and Chris) and drives to start of stage 12 to run. Gary drives car to end of stage before dropping off Aaron and picking up Julian. Once Julian is finished he will then drive onto stage 15 start, drop off passengers to Anthony’s car, and head home.

Car#4, Ravi: Take Clayton to start of stage 19, then take Justin to start of stage 22. Pick-up Chris when he finishes stage 21 and return as needed then and head to the finish.

We then meet at The Hawker Centre afterwards to celebrate.