Green Future Group

Our Aims

May’s EU Elections were a wake-up call for the Scottish Greens. Against a backdrop of Green Waves down south, on the island of Ireland, and across Western Europe, our vote share stagnated, despite an endorsement from a widely read Sunday newspaper. With less than two years until the crucial Holyrood 2021 elections, we can’t afford to be standing still.

These internal elections mark a fresh start for the party, allowing us to move on from organisational reform and introspection, and start using the considerable campaigning and organisational skills of party members to map out and deliver the Green Wave in Scotland. We need to hit the ground running and ensure our full focus is on electing an expanded team of MSPs in 2021, followed by breaking new ground in councils across Scotland in 2022.

We believe the Scottish Green Party must be a movement that;

    • Tells a compelling story via clear messaging
    • Is an active and effective campaigning force in communities across the country
    • Has a vibrant and engaging internal culture and democracy

Internally, we must roll out best campaigning practice to every branch; direct party resources towards supporting campaigns and developing diverse candidates for both public and internal office; and continue to grow and develop our membership into a considerable campaigning force and reliable financial support base.

The Green Future Group are fielding a slate of candidates standing on a common platform - an unprecedented move for the party - in order to open a space for genuine discussion on the party’s future. We want to represent the voices of ordinary branch members across the country, foster the next generation of Scottish Green elected representatives, and deliver the campaigns that will win.

Our Priorities

Developing a winning message for 2021 and beyond will take time, but we believe there are three key ideological priorities for the Scottish Green Party.

A Green New Deal

The Scottish Green Party is the only party with a credible plan to tackle the climate emergency. Other parties are talking a big game, but consistently failing to commit to the necessary measures to prevent climate breakdown. By transforming our transport, energy, food, housing and employment systems, Scotland can become a true world leader in tackling the climate emergency.

We need to translate our genuine Green New Deal into concrete policy proposals that can form the basis of budget negotiations for the remainder of this Holyrood term, and the core of our 2021 manifesto.


The Scottish Green Party must be an explicitly and avowedly left-wing movement. Capitalism cannot solve the climate crisis, or the deep social & economic inequalities that plague society. We stand against austerity, xenophobia and all other forms of prejudice, and against corporate Greenwashing that’s trying to blunt the Green movement.

The focus on tackling climate breakdown can't be via individual lifestyle choices that are all too often more about lecturing the least well off in our society. Instead, we recognise those choices are constrained by an economic system that doesn't care for people or planet, and it's that system we must change.


There is nothing to be gained either by soft-pedalling our support for Independence or on the other hand by trying to out-Independence the SNP.

Flags don't mean much to us, especially not on a planet wracked by inequality and climate breakdown. Greens back Independence for a purpose rather than as a nationalist principle, and as something that offers people a better future than Boris' Bleak Brexit Britain.

We can embrace Independence as part of the social and economic transformation we know we must deliver via the Green New Deal.

Our platform

Building a Campaign Culture

Green parties exist to deliver the transformational change that both society and the planet desperately need by electing our candidates to public office. We can’t do that without our hard working activists on the ground, taking the Green message directly out to voters. We commit to;

    • Developing Campaigning Best Practice guidance and rolling it out to every branch
    • Delivering active support to get branches knocking doors and connecting with voters
    • Implementing a reliable, accessible data recording and campaigning platform
    • Demystifying the Target to Win strategy that is the only route to seats

Investing in the Party’s Future

Our party isn’t funded by wealthy donors, but by ordinary members and supporters putting their hands in their pockets. We don’t have the resources of the big parties, so we must spend what we have wisely. We commit to;

    • Supporting campaign activity as a priority via appropriate training and materials
    • Directing early Holyrood and Council campaign spending to branches that don’t currently have elected representatives
    • Developing candidates from marginalised groups for both public and internal office

Engaging and Growing our Membership

Members are the heart and soul of the Scottish Green Party. It’s vitally important that our members are valued and engaged in our internal democracy, have opportunities to get involved, and that we continue to attract new members. We commit to;

    • Re-invigorating our internal democracy, turning internal elections into one of the annual highlights in the life of the party
    • Developing a true sense of community in the party, with regular informal social events and opportunities to connect with members across the country
    • Widening opportunities for local branches to connect with national committees

A Winning Message

The Green Wave sweeping Europe hasn’t just been built on dissatisfaction with major parties. Our sister parties have been presenting an exciting and positive vision for the future. We share that vision, we just need to get the message right. We commit to;

    • Setting out a clear position ahead of 2021 that gives voters a reason to Vote Green as their primary vote
    • Investing in essential voter research and analysis that enables us to best pitch that message and grow our representation
    • Bringing the membership on board with campaign messaging

Our Candidates

We believe that it is sign of a healthy party that members discuss and agree a vision for the future with one another, and that members standing on a common platform as a result should do so transparently. The Green Future Group is therefore pleased to announce the following candidates in the 2019 Internal Elections - click their names or photos to find out more about them.

If you're also standing in the Scottish Green Party's internal elections and our priorities and platform have struck a chord with you, we're happy to support further candidates. You can get in touch with us at

Member, Finance and Fundraising Committee

Co-Convenor, Elections and Campaigns Committee

Member, Standing Orders Committee

Member, Membership Committee

Member, Standing Orders Committee

Member, Elections and Campaigns Committee

Co-Convenor, Policy Committee

Green Future Pledge

The Green Future Group isn't a membership organisation separate from or within the Scottish Green Party. We're ordinary party activists who want to see an open, engaging and exciting discussion around our party's future. If you share the vision we've set out above and want to get involved, you can show your support by signing up to the Green Future Pledge.

Post the pledge on your social media, and if you're on Twitter, tag us in your post. We'll add the names of any supporters who are happy to be named to this page.

For Members

It's really important that ordinary members get involved in the discussion around the party's direction. We welcome your involvement and support, but you don't need to sign up to our platform if you aren't standing for election. Remember to share on social media!

For Candidates

If you're standing for a committee position in the internal elections, you can sign up to the pledge to show your support for our priorities and commit to implementing our platform if elected. Remember to share on social media!

Pledged Members

Kate Joester (Edinburgh Branch)

Tom Queen (Glasgow Branch)

Shaun Higgins (Dumfries & Galloway Branch)

Eilidh Martin (Dunbartonshire Branch)

Sean Currie (Glasgow / Highlands & Islands Branches)

Pledged Candidates

John Smith, standing for Member, Membership Committee (Glasgow Branch)

Tristan Gray, standing for Member, Policy Committee (Edinburgh Branch)

Scott Bevan, standing for Member, International Committee (Renfrewshire Branch)