Delegate Resources

Position Papers

What is a position paper?

A position paper is a document that demonstrates your delegation’s policy on the committee topic(s). In it, delegates should emphasis key facts about their delegation’s position and policies regarding the topic(s), as well as illustrating possible solutions to the topics at hand. These are required in order to be eligible for an award.

What do I include in the position paper?

Topic Background: The facts of the issue AND country policy

Past Action: What organizations (including the UN) have done in the past

Possible Solutions: What can we do in committee to solve this?

Attempt to answer the “questions to consider” included within the background guides. Delegates should try to integrate answers into paper rather than just simply answer them.

Cite your sources!

How do I format my paper?

Minimum 1 page per topic

Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.

Double spaced with 1-inch margins.

Upper left- hand corner should include the delegation (country)

Should be written in the third-person

How do I submit?

Delegates should email their position papers as a PDF to the email on the committee page, and include their committee name and delegation name in the subject of the email. These are due December 1.

Delegate Checklist

Below is a COMPLETELY OPTIONAL checklist with tips to help you all feel as prepared as possible for SFMUN. Your chairs will not know whether you've filled this out or not, it's only available for your own benefit.