World Health Organization

Chairs: Jordan Scott-Weiner and Isabelle Trillin-Lee

Email: who.sfmun@gmail.com

Topic 1- International Abortion

Abortion is the intentional termination of a human pregnancy and can be performed in various ways. Restrictive laws, high costs, lack of services, stigma, and other factors could make an unsafe abortion a woman’s only option. The topic of abortion is widely debated through moral, legal, and religious perspectives, but with at least 56 million abortions occurring every year, it’s evident that abortion is a relevant issue that must be discussed.

Topic 2- Access to Contraception

Birth control is defined as the practice of preventing unwanted pregnancies, especially by the use of contraception. In certain places, it has minimal use because some cultures look down on its use due to moral, religious or political reasons. With a myriad of impacts and its intense importance, it is no question as to why birth control has become a hot topic of conversation and debate.

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