Dharma Seed

Dharma Seed is an online resource dedicated to making the Buddhist teachings of Insight Meditation and associated practices available to all. There are THOUSANDS of talks and meditations available through the Dharma Seed website. Teachers who have taught at SFDC whose talks appear on Dharma Seed include: Amma Thanasanti, Ayya Anandabodhi, Ayya Santacitta, Carol Cano, Howard Cohn, René Rivera, Fresh Lev White

Deconstructing Yourself - Michael Taft

Dedicated to liberation in all its forms, Deconstructing Yourself is passionate about fearlessly investigating, attempting, and questioning all things to do with awakening, meditation, mindfulness, brain hacking, neurofeedback, and more. Deconstructing Yourself website at https://deconstructingyourself.com.

Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery = The Aloka Vihara nuns

The Aloka Vihara nuns have streams and recorded dharma talks at alokavihara.org/teaching/dhamma-talks/

Buddhist Geeks - Vincent Horn

The purpose of Buddhist Geeks is understood as an active exploration of Dharma in the Age of the Network. How are the various networks that we're connected through changing how we practice Dharma? How are they changing the human challenges that we're looking to different forms of dharma to help resolve? What is Dharma in the Age of the Network?