At meetings...

you will find... and you will hear... and you may share...

How would you know... if you don't go. Find out.

Monday 19:00-20:30

Centre Greene (map) Floor 3

Part 1 - Reading and sharing of SAA Green Book.

Part 2 - Sharing one's own experiences, strength, hope.

Summer 2018


Beginning August 2018 EVERY Sunday.

Until August, next meeting Sunday, July 8;

7:00 p.m. Women's meet & greet - newcomers welcome!

7:30 - 8:30 - Abstinence & Women (A&W) Women's SAA meeting.

For location WRITE for location

Wednesday 19:00-20:30

Centre Greene (map) Floor 1 ("Conference Room").

Part 1 - Reading "A Gentle Path" shares about the reading.

Part 2 - Sharing experiences in recovery.

FRIDAY - 1200-1300 (Noon to 1)

Share the Warmth, 625 Fortune St., Montreal, Qc H3K 2R9

Part 1 - Reading from Answers in the Heart

Part 2 - Sharing experiences in recovery


You may "pass", listen saying nothing, or you may take your turn. If you do so share, please use your - not another's - experience. Please keep your language "clean."

"What goes on in the meeting stays in the meeting."

At meetings, we speak and share from our own experience. We don't borrow from or refer to others' experiences or shares. If you have questions, please ask these before, after, but not during the meeting. Our meetings are safe for sharing our experience.