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An exclusive online emporium of all things naughty but nice. Do it sensually or sinfully, sexily or seductively - just as long as you do it seriously. Sex Toys and Adult toys to get you wherever that mood takes you...we're here to make it happen with a bit of style and at surprisingly great value...

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Whether you seek sexy lingerie to spice up the bedroom, or just love the powerfully beautiful feeling it gives you, SeriouslySensual Lingerie is naughty and nice. Our sexy designs are sure to tease and please, while the quality material softens and soothes. From sheer to lace, modest to playful, SeriouslySensual delivers uniquely designed lingerie that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you seek full coverage, or barely-there wear, our SeriouslySensual collection provides a look for every taste. With our variety of available colours and prints, our lingerie will suit any woman’s personal style. Shop our exciting selection of lingerie today, and get spicy tomorrow!

SeriouslySensual is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality lingerie - from women's panties, to sexy bras, to oh so much more! Our tantalising designs will inspire you to crank up the heat in your boudoir. SeriouslySensual’s fast, easy, yet discreet purchasing and delivery process means your lingerie will arrive right at your door in no time!


SeriouslySensual is a British online emporium of all things naughty but nice offering free delivery on all UK orders over £40. We continually strive to bring you the finest selection of sexy lingerie for a romantic evening. Our sexy lingerie selection has everything from a sheer babydoll, a tight revealing bodystocking, an extravagant corset and basque; to the finest bra & panty sets available. To complete the look we also stock gloves, hosiery, body jewellery and various types of sexy accessories that will compliment that sexy underwear.


Once you've found the right underwear, now it's time to pick out an adult toy. We offer a broad selection of quality adult toys where we challenge anyone to not find something that tickles their fancy. We stock all types of sex toys, including vibrators, dildos, clitoral stimulators, male toys, anal toys, gift sets and sexy games. For the naughtier of you there is also the 50 shades of grey toys, yes the bondage and fetish fun. We want you to sit back and enjoy picking out all the right products that will make your SeriouslySensual evening a successful one.

Sex Toys - SeriouslySensual - Call Us Now At - 0207 205 2252
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