These little piggies went to market...

At the moment, you can only buy from us at our market stalls or to a limited extent from the farm.

We do not currently sell online or deliver, though we are able to take orders for collection at our sales points (see below for ordering).

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We sell at Tullamore Food Fayre, the largest indoor farmers' market in the Midlands. We also participate on an ad hoc basis in various less frequent or one-off markets and festivals.

Tullamore Food Fayre

SATURDAYS 10:00 to 2:00, Kilcruttin Business Park, Tullamore (see map below)

A well-established busy indoor market, Tullamore Food Fayre is based in Kilcruttin Business Park (behind the Courthouse and up the road beside the Tullamore Court Hotel, for any locals who might not be acquainted with the location!). In addition to the stalls, there is a café in the form of a seating area where customers and traders can sit, chat and enjoy the various cakes, beverages and hot food on sale at the market.

We are one of three sellers of fresh produce: one of the region's best-known large-scale organic farms, Lough Boora, also trades at the market, as does Clavin's local family farm. There is plenty of room for all of us, though, and our smaller size means that we can offer a wider range of niche herbs and leafy vegetables , for example. We can also maximize freshness by picking early in the morning before heading out to market, and can experiment on an ad hoc basis, like bringing in a few potted-up plants and finding that we have come up with something that is of interest to our customers who garden.

The market features many prominent regional producers and purveyors of high-quality foods, from organic and free-range meat to home-made cakes, and rich coffee to delicious soups.



No upcoming markets

We occasionally set out our stall at one-off or annual events.

Most recently, we were at the lovely Laois Garden Festival in Spink.

Who knows where we will pop up next...

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Farm Gate

We do not currently have regular on-site opening hours. However, it is possible to order produce in advance for collection at a pre-arranged time at the farm.

It was always part of our vision to have a farm shop on site, with regular opening hours and a basic out-of-hours service. Making this a reality will be one of our main priorities for 2019.

In the meanwhile, we can facilitate customers and visitors by pre-arrangement: place an order (see below) or make an appointment in advance and we can sort out a mutually convenient time for you to come and collect and/or see what we're up to.

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