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At the market, we are often asked for advice on cooking the various vegetables on sale (we also receive some splendid advice and recipe tips in return, which is great). We also often end up with a random selection of vegetables left over from the markets, some of which are odds and ends that end up on the compost heap, but others which it would be a shame to let go to waste and which end up on our plates or in the freezer.

The recipes are mainly taken or adapted from existing sources; we give full credit in such cases. A few are 'authorless' recipes, so old and widely known that they just are, like shepherd's pie or soda bread. We have even made up some ourselves.

We want good food and cooking to be accessible to anyone with basic equipment and facilities, and for the process of cooking to be enjoyable or routine rather than intimidating, and have therefore set them out in a way that presupposes only the most minimal knowledge of the culinary arts. We have tried to stick to recipes that could be cooked in a bedsit rather than a fabulous TV-chef kitchen.

We have set out the recipes in a companion blog; you can browse directly via the blog or use the links given on this page.

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What do you do with the vegetables you buy from us? Send in your recipes and we will post them here!