Plants and Transplants

Most of our vegetables are sown in modules, propagated in the polytunnel before being planted out.

We have been keeping aside a small portion of propagated vegetables, herbs and bee-friendly flowers to sell as transplants for potting up in bigger pots and planters or planting directly into the ground as a garden crop. In the coming year, we will be doing this more systematically to accommodate gardeners who find it difficult to obtain seedlings and transplants grown from organic seed in organic compost. In the long run, we aim to provide a wide range of vegetable plugs and transplants.

Nearly all the seeds we buy are from certified organic sources, and are selected for suitability to Irish conditions. We use only top-quality Klasmann organic seed and potting compost.

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Out of season at the moment: available again next Spring / Summer

We sell our potted plants by pot size; we mostly have small pots only

Prices: €2.50 (Small) €3.00 (Medium) €3.50 (Large)


Calendula (Pot Marigold)


Fennel (herb)

Lemon balm