Questions & Answers

Are your vegetables and food organic?

We do not use any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs. We are gradually turning our open field into a diverse habitat for wildlife as well as a site for food production.

Because we are not certified organic, we cannot, by law, describe ourselves as organic producers or describe the produce we sell as organic. We describe our products as 'naturally grown', an empty term legally but one that is descriptive of what we do.

Do you grow everything yourselves?

When we started out, we supplemented our own produce with a few extra vegetables bought in from larger organic farms. However, we now sell only what we grow ourselves. It was difficult to weigh up the pros and cons, but in the end it made sense both on principle and as a way of making sure that our produce was always fresh and of the highest quality.

Can I drop by the farm to buy produce or for a visit?

We have plans for a farm shop and proper visitor facilities, but these are not yet a reality. In the meantime, we can only welcome customers and visitors by pre-arrangement. Contact us by phone or e-mail if you would like to buy directly or see what we are up to.

Can I buy or order online?

We are not able to facilitate online shopping at present. If you want to order in advance for collection at our market or from the farm, you will need to do so at least a day or two before the collection date to leave us time to pick the vegetables.

Do you deliver?

We do not currently offer a delivery service. At some stage we will be able to make local deliveries, and are looking at ways in which we can work with other distributors and networks to facilitate a wider delivery service.

Do you use environmentally friendly packaging?

As far as fresh produce is concerned, the majority of our market customers bring their own bags; for our own packaging, we use paper bags rather than plastic except for salad leaves sold loose at our market stalls. Salad mixes in larger fixed quantities (100g+) are also sold packaged in compostable bags. However, we are trying to encourage a 'bring your own container' system for salad leaves so that we can cut out the use of plastic bags altogether.

Do you source your materials from Irish manufacturers and suppliers?

It is very important for us to support local and national enterprises and initiatives, and we make a real effort to use Irish materials, equipment and services. Much of the equipment and materials we use is manufactured abroad, though, so we also order from European suppliers / manufacturers. Occasionally, we order specialist products (such as organic heirloom seeds) from abroad as well.