Who We Are

SEVEN ACRES is the trading name of Inland Ithaka Ltd., wholly owned by its directors Susan Maxwell and Rachel Hardiman.

Neither of us has a background in agriculture or horticulture; however, our increasing unease at the dysfunctional nature of industrialised food production and consumption led us to throw in the day jobs and invest everything we had in order to work at something that could make a positive difference not only to us but, as part of a growing movement, ultimately more widely.

Our vision is to participate fully in a growing national and international movement towards local, sustainable food economies and cultures. This is not a solitary but a networked pursuit, and we are privileged to have been accepted or invited into a number of groups, programmes and events aimed at bringing together and fostering the development of endeavours like ours.

We have also been very lucky in all the new neighbours and friends we've found since setting up as blow-ins with a vision and not much else; we could not have survived half so well without the various acts of support and kindness we have received over the past couple of years.

SUSAN MAXWELL "I was born in Co. Offaly and worked as an archivist in Ireland and England before moving to The Hague as head of the secure archives of the OPCW. I was at the same time a doctoral student at Northumbria University and have just been awarded my PhD.

In 2014, my young adult fantasy mystery Good Red Herring was published by Little Island to critical acclaim; I am currently working on a second novel."

RACHEL HARDIMAN "I was born in Dublin and worked in financial services for a number of years, before going to University to study Greek and Ancient History.

I subsequently worked in financial services (again!) and as a copy-editor and proofreader before acquiring an MSc in records and information management, in which field I held various academic and non-academic posts in England and The Netherlands."

Some other key members of the Seven Acres corporate Top Team recruited to oversee our bid for market dominance...

Chief Financial Officer

Head of Operations

VP Transport & Logistics

External Auditor