Our Core Principles

Quality and Taste

Our produce is grown naturally, without GMOs or synthetic pesticides, fertilisers or weedkillers.

Where freshness is paramount, as for instance with salad leaves, we pick on the day of sale/supply or at most the day before. This gives our produce a flavour and quality second to none.

Any extra produce we buy in to supplement our own is either certified organic or is naturally grown by trusted producers sharing our own ideals.


UN research suggests that within 60 years, conventional growing methods will have degraded the soil so badly that, globally, it will be impossible to grow crops at all.

Industrialised agriculture claims to increase productivity, yet studies show that allotments are 4 to 11 times more productive.

Our vegetables are grown without harmful chemical agents, and in ways that promote soil fertility and respect for the environment.

Food Sovereignty

We believe that food autonomy is a crucial component of real freedom, whether at the personal, community, regional or national level.

Food sovereignty is not just a matter of prudence, it is also a matter of social justice (fair access to resources) and social responsibilities (to nature, to each other).

Join us on our journey away from dependence on imported and industrially produced food towards a more self-reliant and local model.

Animal Welfare

We do not currently raise animals ourselves, but when we do introduce animals to the farm, we will where necessary go beyond the welfare requirements of current certification schemes to meet the guidelines set out by Compassion In World Farming (CIWF).

Our fellow animals are sentient beings, often with complex social and emotional lives of their own. They deserve our respect, and we will make no compromise when it comes to their welfare and quality of life.

Zero Waste

We are committed to reducing waste at all stages of production and sale. We aim to help our customers achieve their own zero-waste goals through selling produce by weight rather than pre-packed quantities and by minimising non-recyclable or reusable packaging.

Though we use plastic bags for salad leaves sold at market, we are researching alternative sustainable packaging. The salad mixes in our vegetable boxes are packaged in compostable bags, but this is not affordable for smaller amounts.