Welcome to Seven Acres, a small farm in the Midlands of Ireland

Organic seeds and organic peat-free compost.

No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilisers.

Co-operating, not competing, with Nature.

Eco-aware, regenerative farming practices.


UN research suggests that within 60 years, conventional growing methods will have degraded the soil so badly that, globally, it will be impossible to grow crops at all.

Industrialised agriculture increased productivity, but at the price of trashing the soil food web on which growth ultimately depends.

We aim to grow vegetables in ways that promote soil fertility and ecological complexity, in order to regenerate rather than degrade the land.

Closing the Loop

Our produce is grown naturally, without GMOs or synthetic pesticides, fertilisers or weedkillers.

However, we still buy in organic fertilizer, mulch etc, thus effectively farming 'ghost acres', i.e. the land on which these products are grown/produced.

Our priority at the moment is to start building a closed-loop system, creating our own mulches and compost from chipped wood, crop residues, and other on-farm materials and resources.

Food Sovereignty

We believe that food autonomy is a crucial component of real freedom, whether at the personal, community, regional or national level.

Food sovereignty is not just a matter of prudence, it is also a matter of social justice (fair access to resources) and social responsibilities (to nature, to each other).

Join us on our journey away from dependence on imported and industrially produced food towards a more self-reliant and local model.