Here's a quick reference guide to answer frequently asked questions. We hope you find your answer(s) here and if not just message someone on the Officer Core and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Guild Leader- Noblemon

Officers- Theshorbus


1. Be respectful to others. We are all friends here!

2. Please respect the tough decisions pf the Officer Core.

3. No fighting or arguing over loot.

4. Keep raid chat/discord clear while raiding is in progress! In between bosses and during break is not an issue.

5. Please do not run raids before main raid ends on Thursday. After Thursday is concluded, it's free game.

6. Racism/Hateful non-meme is NOT tolerated.

7. Be able to take (constructive) criticism.

8. Please don't skip out on raid/guild events without notifying the Officer Core.

9. Don't embarrass yourself, and by extension all of us, on official forums or server-wide chat channels, and generally don't do anything sleazy, rotten, or against TOS as it relates to the game.


Guild Leader - GM Feel free to message anytime!

Council - Guild Officers

Magus - Veteran Raiders & GB Mangers

Raider - Your standard raider rank.

Raid Trial - New addition to the guild that is looking to become one of the core raiders.

Member - Casual, mythic dungeon runner, levelers.

Alt - Everyone's alts!

What are the raid days and times?

We raid Wednesday, Thursday. We encourage our teammates to arrive 15 minutes beforehand. Get your food/flask/runes/bonus rolls and anything else you may need so we all can have a successful raid night. Please have DBM, Angry Assignments, RCLoot Council already downloaded.

**Sundays are our farm nights, and anyone who can pull their own weight can join us but spots are limited because this is the night where core raiders spend the night clearing Normal Tier 21 for the chance at warforged, titan-forged, etc, and to perfect certain strats.

What if I can’t make raid night or I’m going to be late?

We understand that real life happens and sometimes things need to be taken care of outside of the game. With that being said, we have many outlets available to contact someone BEFORE raid. Feel free to leave a public message on Discord letting your teammates know that you will not be attending, private message an officer on discord, there is a discord app for your cell phone too, drop one of the officers an In-game mail.

What are the loot rules?

Tier: 4 piece > 2 piece> 1 piece> 3 piece


Raider ranks have priority on gear over trials**. We are a team, and have to look out for each other as a whole, so we look to see who this can benefit the most. We are also a fair guild or do not play favorites. We try to keep loot evenly distributed, so everyone gets a chance to walk away with loot. If nobody needs anything that drops, it gets passed to disenchant for guild enchants.


**Trials last for 2-3 weeks to make sure you are solid, consistent and persistent. This trial period is mandatory for anyone who is new to the guild. Your trial begins your first raid night being in the guild. Trials have a lower priority on getting loot.

If deemed at the end of a trial that a player is not yet at the skill level required for raiding, they have the opportunity to re-trial in 3 weeks. We believe in giving players the opportunity in redeeming themselves and giving them another chance in trying out again. We want to see you dicksmash shit and excel so being told that you aren’t quite there yet doesn’t mean it’s the end of your opportunity to raid! Utilize this time to perfect your mechanics, increase your gear and figure out your shit. You got this!

I heard the guild has farm nights. Can I come?

Wednesdays and Thursdays are strictly for Raiders and Raid Trials who are trying out for a spot on our core raid team. Any other day(s) beyond that, ALL are welcome to join in on all the fun and events.

I see we have a guild bank, how can that be accessible to me?

The guild bank is a community bank with the officer core accessibility over it. We encourage guildies to help donate and contribute when and where you can. It is not mandatory, it just helps to have everyone pitching in, when they can, to stockpile materials we need for raiding.

*UPDATED Items needed are, Slice of Bacon, Starlight Rose, Fjarnskaggl, Foxflower, Dreamleaf, Aethril, Leyblood, Big Gamy Ribs, Runescale Koi, Lean Shank, Stormray, Highmountain Salmon, Black Barracuda, Green BOE’s, Chaos Crystal, Arkhana, Leylight Shard