Seven Sages mission is simple. It is a home for young and old who want to enjoy progression raiding in a respectful, mature atmosphere without sacrificing their real life. All guild decisions and policies are structured around this central goal. Our schedule places us in a category where we will be looked at as "CASUALLY Hardcore" but we will be investing time into players that see us as "casually HARDCORE".

The guild roster is comprised of professionals, parents, and those seeking a mature atmosphere with a history of high level success in end game content. We are a progression raiding guild for time constrained adults who are willing and able to perform at a high level in a limited amount of raid time.

We enjoy an environment that's mature, light-hearted, mutually respectful, and open to a variety of ideas and discussions. We definitely keep childish bigotry and insults out of guild chat, discord and the forums. If you generally act like an intelligent, well-adjusted adult, you'll fit in just fine with Seven Sages.