I am looking for PhD students for the following research topics:

  • Heterogeneous online data analytics

  • Stochastic cooperative adaptive cruise control

  • Hierarchical adaptive traffic control systems

  • Integrated real-time simulation platform

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Dr. Seunghyeon Lee

I am working as a lecturer, which is equivalent to a tenure-track assistant professor in U.S. systems, in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Technology Sydney. Prior to this position, I had taken up a researcher position at the University of Canterbury and the University of Hong Kong. I had completed Ph.D. degree at the University of Hong Kong in 2016.

I have about 30 publications as Q1 journals, peer-reviewed conference proceedings, and presentations. I have led most of the publications as the first and the corresponding authors. Contributing to the academic field of transportation engineering, I serve as the reviewers for 11 international journals, including Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, and Accident Analysis and Prevention. Moreover, I have performed about 20 funded research and consultancy projects in transport engineering in South Korea, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia.

My major research interests are;

  • traffic management and control

  • traffic-flow theory

  • intelligent transportation systems

  • deep learning approach to transport modelling

  • connected and autonomous traffic systems

  • multimodal transportation networks.

I have carried out numerous research projects, including;

  • traffic signal control

  • real-time big-data surveillance and mining algorithms

  • car-following models

  • transport optimisations

  • traffic guidance and road marking

  • preliminary feasibility studies on transport infrastructure

  • stochastic system modeling

  • connected traffic systems.

My research applies a range of approaches, such as empirical surveys, traffic simulation, data recursive process, mathematical programs, and stochastic differential equations.