Ij.start.cannon - Download & Install Your Canon Printer Drivers

Canon is a well-known global brand that wins in photography and printing results. The company offers an extensive catalog of printers that meet the consumer's general needs. From Canon, you can buy both laser and inkjet printers with monochrome and color. Moreover, there are significant budget options available in Canon printers.

Furthermore, Canon printers are the ideal choice for home and office use. They offer advanced and multiple printing features. Using the Canon printers, the users quickly get high-quality printing documents. After setting up a Canon printer, the users need to download and install the Canon Printer Driver as per their printer’s model number. Few users may find it challenging. Hence, we have provided clear instructions in this blog by concluding the process of downloading & installing the printer driver through the most feasible platform ij.start.cannon.

How to Download Your Canon Printer’s Driver through ij.start.cannon?

After you are done with your Canon printer setup, you will need to download the Canon printer driver for your specific printer model. The driver is the only thing that supports your printer functions, from sharing commands to printing and photographing. Accordingly, the printer driver has a vital role throughout the printing process. You can download your printer driver from ij.start.cannon. To proceed with the process, follow our points given below:

  • The first step to download your printer’s driver is to visit the respective printer driver page.

  • For this, you have to run a secure and reliable internet browser.

  • Next, you have to type the domain ‘ij.start.cannon’ in the search address bar.

  • Then, tap the enter key of your keyboard to access the Canon printer driver webpage.

  • After that, press the ‘canon printer setup’ button from the ij.start.cannon home page.

  • As a result, the product window will show on the screen. Here, you will have access to different Canon printer drivers.

  • However, you have to look for the specific driver for your Canon printer's model number. For that, type the model number of your Canon printer in the given search bar.

  • Further, click on the 'go' button to get on the page containing the respective driver download link.

  • Before you step ahead, verify that you are downloading the correct ij.start.cannon printer driver.

  • Now, hit the 'OS' option available in the corner.

  • Then, tap the 'download' button.

  • Finally, wait for few minutes to let the downloading process complete.

How to Install Your Canon Printer’s Driver through ij.start.cannon?

Follow our step-by-step instructions to install the ij.start.cannon printer driver on your device.

  • Start the installation process of ij.start.cannon driver by pairing your printer to the internet connection. There are many ways available to form the connection. You can either go for the standard or the WPS method to establish the connection.

  • However, if your printer is not compatible with a wireless connection, then you can use the Ethernet method.

  • After that, visit the downloaded file. If you did not change its location, you would get the same in 'downloads' folder.

  • Hence, double-click on the file and run the same.

  • After that, grant permission to go to the installation wizard.

  • Now, the primary window will offer you to make some changes in the Wizard language. Hence, do the same and go to the next step.

  • Further, you will be asked to create a connection between your printer and the system. Therefore, make a preferred choice and build a connection.

  • You will get the instructions for this on the screen.

  • After the Canon printer connects to your system, you will have a list of the printers. Choose the one that you are using.

  • Now, tick-mark the boxes of the selected software from the corresponding screen.

  • After that, the license agreement will pop up on the screen. Read the same and accept the terms to proceed with the ij.start.cannon printer driver installation process.

  • Now, the installation will start and get complete within few minutes.

  • Now, you can have a print test with the instructions in the user manual.