Setup VPN - How to setup a VPN Server in Seconds

In the digital age of computers, mobile phones and the internet almost all of the information is stored digitally in the network in huge data banks or cloud storage, so that you can have the access of your personal data any time and anytime just by going online.

Accessing the information online is feasible for you as well as for some cyber hackers and attackers. So it is necessary for you to use something that can provide you with an extra layer of security, and your personal information can be safe forever. One of those kinds of softwares people use nowadays is called VPN (Virtual Private Network).

What is VPN?

VPN(Virtual Private Network) or Setup VPN is one of the easiest and affordable ways to protect your network from any of the cyber attacks. Most of the time you can get a VPN for free so there is no excuse left for you, for not downloading or Installing Setup VPN on your device.

Why Use Setup VPN?

Let me give you an idea of what is going on nowadays whenever you are connecting your smartphone or computer with the internet Network. After you switch on your internet, your ISP(Internet Service Provider) will now get access of all of your information which is searched by you while you are on the network weather it is your phone number, credit card details or any other info, and as per the new technology law, your ISP has the right to sell your information to the others.

So until the more secure internet network comes in the market try to use Setup VPN so only a little bit of your information will be shared on the network.

What a VPN Can Do?

As you switch on the VPN server, all the traffic of your device is routed to the server of your VPN company through an Encrypted network. So your ISP or anyone connected to your local network can’t look into your information.

Now you are Connected with the VPN Setup, your IP address will also be hidden from the outside world so no one will be able to trace your exact location coordinates.

What a VPN Can’t Do?

A VPN Setup can’t completely anonymize your website traffic. For Complete Anonymity you'll have to use a service called Tor, which bounces your web traffic to various different hosts, so it will be much harder to track your web activities.

As we know that website can also track your movements, so using an ad blocker can be useful as well. Some of the VPN provider claims have protection against Malware as well.

As you might know, enough about VPN, if you are looking to Setup VPN on your device you can check out the step mentioned below:

How to Setup VPN in Windows 10

  • The first thing to do to setUp VPN is to fill in the details from your favorable VPN service provider.

  • Press the Windows button on the keyword, head to settings-> Network & Internet -> VPN. Then click to add a New VPN Connection.

  • Fill all the required details in the prompted form and click on save.

  • For accessing the VPN. Again go to settings-> Network & Internet -> Click on VPN and select your VPN provider name.

  • Click on connect, and enter the password.

  • Now you have the Access to VPN(Virtual Private Network).

How To Setup VPN in Mac

  1. First, go to your Apple menu -> System Preference -> Network.

  2. Press the Add button on the left, click on the interface pop-up menu, and Select one of your trusted VPN Providers.

  3. Now give the VPN service a name then click create.

  4. Enter the server address and the account name for the VPN connection.

  5. Select Authentication settings, enter the Information sent by the network admin.

  6. Now click on Apply, and then ok.

As you are using any other Operating system and looking for more information to Setup VPN, Just hit the chat option to fill your query and one of our support executives will get in contact with you in some time.

As you are using any other Operating system and looking for more information to Setup VPN, Just hit the chat option to fill your query and one of our support executives will get in contact with you in some time.

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