Annette, we really thought your home staging was a wonderful way to present our home. It added a look that was warm, inviting and an atmosphere that said ”welcome” as you approached the home and you entered it. The way you arranged the plants, etc. inside the home gave it an added touch of class and we appreciate the hard work and effort you gave to the landscaping as well. Thanks for everything.

Lister Reeves

With a few creative and inexpensive touches, Annette transforms ordinary rooms into a true delight for the eyes.

Cindy Locke

Dear Annette, I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did staging and selling our two properties. I did not realize how beneficial staging a property could be. We were hesitant to put money into properties that we were going to sell; however, we more than recovered the money we spent on the improvements. It was definitely a good return on the money we invested in the properties to fix them up.

Also, I am delighted with the quick sales. On the first house, we had a contract within two weeks. On the second house, we had two contracts within six weeks. I know the quick sales were a result of the staging. I am glad we waited until all the repairs and improvements were completed before putting the properties on the market.

Again, thanks for your good work. We are thrilled with the outcome.