Self-evaluation as a means of improving pre-school education 

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About the project

The international project "Self-evaluation as a means of improving preschool education" shares and develops experiences using self-evaluation of teachers in kindergartens. 

The output is a guided app for preschool teachers.

The project runs from 30/12/2020 to 29/6/2023 and is being carried out by representatives of kindergartens and educational institutions from the Czech Republic, Latvia and Turkey.

About the application 

SET Pre 1.0 is an online tool designed for teacher self-evaluation in kindergarten.

After filling in the questionnaire with 60 statements from 4 areas (Me, the teacher; Me and the children; Me and the parents; Me and the environment), the user receives the results immediately after completion.

The results are displayed using graphs and texts. Moreso, the application contains specific recommendations for further improving teacher competences, skills and qualifications.

This application can be used online on a computer or on mobile platforms.

About self-evaluation

Self-assessment can be defined as a form of a voluntary process of "self-analysis", through which we get feedback, find out where our strengths and weaknesses are, what skills and competences we need to strengthen, etc.

Self-assessment is an important introspective method that supports teachers' professional development.

Self-assessment enhances the quality of the educational process and contributes to the teacher's professional development, provided that the teacher is determined to continue working on themselves, looking for ways to strengthen their skills and deepen knowledge.