Service Trucks

Pre-Configured Service Trucks Are Ready to Go to Work

Configuring a service truck from scratch can allow for valuable customization to suit particular duties very well. In many cases, however, buying a truck already configured, assembled, and made ready for work will be easier and more convenient. As a look at the inventory listed at will make clear, buying a pre-configured service truck does not need to mean making sacrifices, in many cases.

Service Trucks Ready for the Heaviest Duties

Service trucks are used in many different industries to facilitate work that would be impossible to carry out without this type of support. Whether for utilities maintaining power lines or petroleum companies keeping oil rigs running, service trucks like those seen at regularly end up being some of the most important assets of all.

Many buyers of service trucks start with a bare chassis and add a body, crane, and other components to arrive at a final product. In some cases, however, it will be even more desirable to simply select a well-designed truck that has already been put together. Some of the types of previously configured trucks that most often suit the needs of buyers include:

Peterbilt 337. Peterbilt is legendary for turning out trucks that serve their owners very well. Probably best known for designing and manufacturing tractors that pull trailers, the company also produces high quality service truck chassis. The Peterbilt 337 platform can be coupled with many different service truck bodies to provide a strong foundation to build upon. Combining a Peterbilt 337 chassis with an Eagle Pro II body yields a versatile truck that will perform well in many different situations. Adding a hydraulic crane will make the final product even more capable and functional. Most pre-configured trucks that include a Peterbilt 337 chassis will also provide plenty of storage space in the form of cabinets and the like.

Ford 550 XL. While Ford is best known for producing passenger vehicles, its super duty trucks are impressive, as well. The Ford 550 chassis mates well with a variety of bodies, cabinets, and cranes to produce service trucks that perform very well in the field.

Many More Trucks to Chose From

With there being plenty of other high quality trucks that are ready to be used for work, configuring a bare chassis should rarely be necessary at all. That regularly turns out to be excellent news for buyers.